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In his broadcast career, Terry Bradshaw has made a habit of saying some pretty outlandish things during the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show. This weekend’s broadcast was no different as the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback went off during one segment previewing the Dallas Cowboys-Kansas City Chiefs matchup, making several bold claims and joking how both of them could result in him getting divorced. 

Terry Bradshaw claims Dak Prescott better than Patrick Mahomes and Dallas will make it to Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys traveling to the Kansas City Chiefs is the marquee matchup of the weekend and America’s Game of the Week on Fox. Before the games around the NFL kicked off, the Fox NFL Sunday crew — minus Howie Long who was out because of a minor surgery — broke down the game between the two teams. 

From the outset, Terry Bradshaw made it clear who he was picking and how his wife, who is a big Chiefs fan, was not going to be happy with what he had to say. 

“My wife is watching this. She knows what I’m going to say and she’s mad at me,” Bradshaw joked. “But I’m taking Dallas over this game very simply put, Dallas needs this game to measure itself. They’ve already lost to Tampa Bay, who won the Super Bowl to Kansas City whom they beat. Dallas needs to go into Kansas City and dominate the Chiefs. Do that, then you’re going to see Dallas in the Super Bowl. Alright. I said it right here. 

“They have a better quarterback. I think their quarterback is as good as or better than Mahomes. I think their running back definitely is better. Their offensive line is better. Their defensive secondary is better. Defensive line is better. And they have Dan Quinn as their defensive coach. I love everything about Dallas and I expect them to play the game of the year.”

Following his comments, Michael Strahan couldn’t resist and brought up Bradshaw’s better half.

“I have a question. Your wife’s a big Chiefs fan. Did you clear those comments with her before you came on?” the former Giants defensive great and Hall of Famer asked.

“I did not,” Bradshaw admitted. “I will be looking for a divorce attorney when this show is over. I don’t have any money. I give away my money on this show.”

Michael Strahan makes a case for the Chiefs

Right before Bradshaw praised the Cowboys and suggested they were better than the Chiefs in so many different facets of the game, Strahan broke down Kansas City and how the team has turned its season around in the last few games. 

“There’s a difference on both sides of the ball. That’s why they’ve gone on this three-game winning streak,” Strahan said. “Defensively, six out of the last seven games before this three-game winning streak, they’ve been giving up 27-plus points. Last three weeks, 13 points.” 

Strahan then talked about how the offense has also shown a marked improvement, including last week’s performance at Las Vegas where Mahomes threw for 406 yards, five touchdowns, and most importantly, no interceptions. He said it’s a pretty simple formula and a little bit of confidence will go a long way.

“This team knows they have talent,” he said. “They just have to trust themselves. This is a team that is just one year removed from a Super Bowl — winning one and losing one. The talent is there. It’s just about the confidence. And I think that they are finding the confidence as the season’s gone on.” 

Jimmy Johnson predicted Dallas could make Super Bowl before season started   

While some might view Terry Bradshaw’s claims about the Cowboys making the Super Bowl to be a bit premature, former Cowboys coach and new Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson made some eerily similar remarks before the start of the season at the Hall of Fame game. 

“If (Dak) Prescott is healthy, they’ve got as good an offense as there is in the league, as good a receiving corps as there is in the league,” Johnson said. “Their offensive line is back healthy now. With Ezekiel running the football, they’re going to have a great offense. 

“The question is the defense. You look at defensively; the first six picks in the draft were defensive players. And then you have Micah Parsons as a No. 1 pick who can be an impact player. And then they brought in Dan Quinn. I love Dan Quinn. He’s an outstanding defensive coach. So if they can shore up the defense, hey, this team, who knows, they could get back to the promised land.”

For all the reasons Bradshaw and Johnson both mentioned, Dallas could indeed get back to the promised land. The question now is, will it happen?

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