Famous sports media commentator Bob Costas at Super Bowl XLIX
Bob Costas at Super Bowl XLIX | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Sports media include multiple organizations staffed with new anchors, broadcasters, commentators, analysts, reporters, producers, journalists, sportscasters, and more, offering commentary and insight on American and worldwide sporting events, from the NFL and NBA to the World Cup and the Olympics.

Sports media started with written and print journalism in the 1800s, when newspapers began to devote sections to sports coverage as the popularity of sports grew among the masses. Over the next two centuries, this led to the development of sports-only media organizations (most famously Sports Illustrated and ESPN) and new mediums for sports coverage, including magazines, radio, TV, and more recently social media, with dedicated sports website blogs and Twitter accounts.

Notable Sports Media Figures:

  • Bob Costas: NBC sportscaster (1980-2019)
  • Chris “Boomer” Berman: ESPN anchor (1979-Present)
  • Dick “Dicky V” Vitale: ESPN basketball sportscaster (1979-Present)
  • Erin Andrews: ESPN host and Fox Sports reporter (2004-Present)
  • Harry Caray: Radio and TV baseball sportscaster (1945-1997)
  • Howard Cossell: ABC Sports journalist (1953-1985)
  • Joe Buck: Fox Sports sportscaster (1994-Present)
  • John Madden: NFL sports commentator (1979-2008)
  • Lee Corso: ESPN football broadcaster and analyst (1987-Present)
  • Stephen A. Smith: ESPN sports journalist and radio host (2005-Present)
  • Stuart Scott: ESPN anchor (2002-2014)
  • Suzy Kolber: ESPN and Fox Sports reporter and producer (1993-Present)

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