Charles Barkley Offers Harsh Dose of Reality to Victor Wembanyama and Other NBA Rookies

Charles Barkley got straight to the point when talking about what rookies can expect in their first year in the NBA.

Mike Thomas  •  29 Jun 2023
Charles Barkley Hired a Well-Known Heckler to Harass Michael Jordan During the 1993 NBA Finals

Charles Barkley paid a well-known heckler to harass Michael Jordan during the 1993 NBA Finals.

Luke Norris  •  25 Jun 2023
Charles Barkley Once Ate 4 Grand Slam Breakfasts During a ‘2 Day Food Bender’ In a Desperate Attempt to Avoid a $75,000 Salary

While most NBA players would be happy to become the fifth-overall draft pick, Charles Barkley tried his best to slide further down the big board.

Joe Kozlowski  •  06 Jun 2023
Charles Barkley Has Some Foul-Mouthed Advice for Pat McAfee: ‘Tell ‘Em to Shut the F*** Up’

Pat McAfee is getting some pushback from fans about his deal to move his show to ESPN, but Charles Barkley knows what he should tell them.

Tim Crean  •  28 May 2023
Charles Barkley Sends the Kiss of Death to the Boston Celtics

As bad as the Boston Celtics have been in the first three games of the conference finals, Charles Barkley has been worse with his predictions.

Mike Thomas  •  24 May 2023
Charles Barkley Actually Received More First-Place MVP Votes Than Magic Johnson in 1990 but Didn’t Win the Title

While receiving 38 first-place votes is usually enough to seal an NBA title, Charles Barkley learned the hard way that nothing is guaranteed.

Joe Kozlowski  •  07 May 2023
Julius Erving and Moses Malone Took Charles Barkley on a $25,000 Shopping Spree to Teach Him a Lesson

Charles Barkley received some much-needed fashion advice from Julius Erving and Moses Malone, but that’s not all he learned from them.

Jack Dougherty  •  04 May 2023
Michael Jordan Gave Charles Barkley Some ‘Great Advice’ About a $2 Million Pay Cut

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan aren’t speaking these days, but MJ once gave his former friend quite the contractual tip.

Joe Kozlowski  •  28 Apr 2023
NBA Fans Can Be Thankful Charles Barkley Broke the Promise He Made After the 1986 Playoffs

Charles Barkley makes a lot more money talking basketball in the studio than he did talking on the court during his 16-year NBA career.

Mike Thomas  •  16 Apr 2023