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Fans turned out in impressive numbers this past weekend for the first race in the NASCAR Cup Series Round of 12 at Texas Motor Speedway. What made it even more impressive was they did so in sweltering conditions with temperatures near or slightly above the century mark.  

According to various reports, Texans won’t have to worry about that situation in 2024 because NASCAR is changing the schedule and taking away the September date and rumored to be shifting it to earlier in the year. If that’s the case, logistics suggest that the new date should be closely aligned with the race at Circuit of Americas, as in possible back-to-back weekends and the first-ever Texas Two-Step.

NASCAR changing West Coast Swing in 2024  

Each year, NASCAR fans are eager with anticipation when the time nears for the release of the next season’s schedule. This year is no different as a variety of rumors are flying around about the 2024 calendar, including possible trips to Iowa and even north of the border to Canada. 

Another uncertainty this season is the West Coast Swing. This portion of the schedule, which is typically in the first month of the season, will be changing for the first time in years because Fontana won’t have a date. The two-mile track, which has hosted NASCAR racing annually since 1997, is undergoing reconstruction and reportedly being converted into a short track for use in 2026. 

While the Clash at the LA Memorial Coliseum, which is an exhibition before the official start of the season at Daytona, is confirmed, NASCAR hasn’t announced any dates for the West Coast Swing and what track might be replacing Auto Club Speedway.

The Texas Two-Step makes sense for all NASCAR parties


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Another common rumor is that Texas is losing its playoff race date in September. The prevailing thought is that the race on the 1.5-mile track will be moved up to sometime in the spring.

If that does, in fact, happen, there’s one scenario that makes perfect sense for everyone involved — back-to-back race weekends at TMS and COTA and the order doesn’t matter.

This would be a logical arrangement on the schedule because, as is the case each year on the West Coast Swing, the haulers and teams would make one trip to the Lone Star State, compete the first weekend at one track, and then pack up and move 200 or so miles north or south to the next venue for the next race. This prevents the teams from shuttling back and forth halfway across the country an extra time, and most importantly, saves time and money. 

In addition, Speedway Motorsports Inc., which owns TMS and manages the NASCAR race at COTA, can benefit by doing the same with its staff, who are often brought in from other tracks like Charlotte and use them at one track before making the short trip during the week in between to the other track.    

Lastly, for SMI, it provides an opportunity to market the races as a pair, and that could potentially mean cost savings to the fans who get a deal for buying tickets to both.

The 2024 NASCAR schedule is still very much up in the air. But if officials are thinking about adding a new and fun wrinkle to the calendar next year, the races in the Lone Star State are a good opportunity to do just that.

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