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Dan Snyder faces a major decision that will alter the course of history. As the owner of the Washington Redskins, he has come under intense scrutiny on numerous occasions for refusing to change his team’s name. However, it appears as though he will give in and switch things up in the nation’s capital. And thanks to the Harlem Globetrotters, Snyder might just have the perfect solution to the Redskins name-change dilemma.

Dan Snyder faces tremendous pressure to change the name of his franchise

Dan Snyder doesn’t have a ton of people in his corner. As one of the NFL’s most loathed owners, he has consistently put out a poor product on the field while also taking some major PR hits along the way. Of course, he has brought much of the criticism upon himself for refusing to change his team’s name.

Over the years, protestors have petitioned to get swap out Redskins for another mascot. Still, the much-vilified NFL owner has never wavered from his stance of sticking with tradition. However, all of that changed recently.

With billions of dollars at stake from investors and sponsors, it appears as though Snyder won’t have a choice any longer. It seems more of a “when” than “if” situation when it comes to the Redskins changing their team name.

After issuing a statement that they would be reviewing the name change idea, even Roger Goodell got on board by saying, “In the last few weeks we have had ongoing discussions with Dan and we are supportive of this important step.”

Ultimately, the name-change process can’t take place without an alternative mascot. But thanks to the Harlem Globetrotters, a clever solution could solve Dan Snyder’s dilemma.

The Harlem Globetrotters offer a unique solution for the Redskins name-change dilemma

On the surface, the Globetrotters don’t seem like a logical source of help for Snyder. However, the famous basketball brand may just be the answer to the Redskins name-change dilemma. Herschend Entertainment serves as the parent company for the Globetrotters. However, the company also owns the trademark to the Washington Generals basketball team.

Naturally, that name seems like it could carry over easily to the NFL. And according to Darren Rovell of Action Network, the Globetrotters could look to capitalize on Snyder’s situation while also offering an easy solution to finding a new name to rebrand the Washington franchise under.

“We think that the Globetrotters are right up there as the most liked team in the world with Manchester United and the New York Yankees,” said spokesman Brett Meister. “Our heritage includes the Washington Generals.”

In fact, Meister said, “We’d love for the franchise or the NFL to call us” about buying the rights to the Generals. For Snyder, that seems like a terrific option. The nickname itself definitely doesn’t seem out of place in the NFL.

For Herschend Entertainment, selling the rights could lead to a substantial payday and help maximize a brand that’s otherwise largely unknown. Plus, they should receive plenty of positive press for helping make a major change in the sports world.

Washington QB Dwayne Haskins has another idea for a new team name

If the Generals don’t cut it, at least Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins has another alternative. On Twitter, the second-year pro offered the Redtails as his choice for a new team name. Not exactly the most intimidating mascot, but who are we to judge?

Ultimately, whatever the name ends up getting changed to, it will be more important for the former Ohio State quarterback to elevate his play on the field in 2020. Washington hasn’t made the playoffs since 2015. In fact, the franchise has made just four postseason appearances in Snyder’s tenure.

Ron Rivera enters his first year as the team’s head coach and he has to implement a new culture in the nation’s capital while determining if Haskins has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.

In his rookie season, the former Buckeyes star looked highly unimpressive. Haskins threw just seven touchdowns in seven starts while getting picked off seven times. He completed just 58.6 percent of his attempts. And Washington went 2-5 with their rookie QB under center.

At the end of the day, whether the Harlem Globetrotters do business with Snyder or not, Washington absolutely must improve on the field.