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The influence of NBA players on the next generation of potential basketball stars is profound. In the age of social media, young kids following athletes like Stephen Curry can be seen mimicking their hero’s moves. Nobody had a chance to see such a thing back in the days of Michael Jordan as he influenced Kobe Bryant.

More recently, a seven-year-old kid named Trent Fuller started his own Instagram account to prove his Stephen Curry fandom. Oddly enough, he looks just like a young Curry.

Trent Fuller might be the biggest Golden State Warriors fan

Despite only being seven, Fuller started being a Warriors fan a while ago. His story goes back several years already to when he was the ripe old age of four. In a writeup about him for the San Francisco Chronicle, it was noted Fuller looked like a preschool version of Curry. However, he was really noticed when ESPN filmed Fuller dribbling two basketballs at once.

Yes, young Trent really had major skills very early. No one can doubt his basketball prowess at a prodigy level. No wonder he managed to catch the attention of the Warriors, giving him major access to everything going on behind-the-scenes.

The team allowed Fuller to watch the players during practice sessions, let alone doing interviews with them backstage. Plus, he admits doing that double basketball dribbling comes straight from Curry himself who does the same thing.

Some might wonder if Fuller is some kind of little clone of Curry. One thing for sure is Fuller may end up being the next Steph Curry in the next decade.

Trent Fuller is also a social media star

Fuller primarily made his name by starting YouTube and Instagram pages. Now, at age seven, you can still find videos of him on both places doing phenomenal basketball moves with the help of his trainer.

Back in 2017, according to SF Gate, his father said the family has had a lot of fun seeing Trent become a celebrity at such a young age. At one point, he did finally meet Steph Curry himself with a photo to prove it during the 2017 NBA Finals.

What Curry actually thinks of having a young kid who looks like him with prodigious skills is unknown. All the Warrior team members, though, show support for Fuller when they see him in the hallways backstage or when watching games.

Most interesting is Fuller is self-aware about his comparisons to Curry. He said himself in interviews with ESPN he just happens to look like Curry, while emphasizing he wants to be himself.

Hopefully, Trent Fuller will become himself rather than a Curry lookalike

Nobody can blame young Fuller for emphasizing he wants to create his own basketball niche. Perhaps one can argue looking like a basketball star when wanting to be one’s own self can only go so far in life.

Once Fuller grows up, no doubt even he wishes he starts to carve his own identity in appearance and skill. Otherwise, being a carbon copy could be a detriment when trying to really become the next Steph Curry.

Having skills like he has now, however, shows he might become the ultimate basketball wizard once becoming a teen and adult. What that means for the evolution of basketball is kind of startling when thinking about it.

Evolution in sports is now speeding up more than ever. Thanks to social media, everyone can enjoy watching how it slowly unfolds as the official birth of new basketball stardom.


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