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As a soccer fan, it’s easy to fall into a consistent cadence. For the most part, domestic matches take place on the weekends. Other competitions — like the various European cups — will slot in during the week. On occasion, though, things will interrupt that flow. Take, for example, Arsenal’s midweek match against Everton.

Based on the fact that those two clubs faced each other in early February, not to mention the fact that the game is taking place on a Wednesday, you might be wondering what’s going on. Well, while things have settled down, the 2022-23 soccer calendar is the gift that keeps on giving.

Arsenal and Everton are finally making up a postponed match from September

While a great deal has happened in the world of soccer since the fall, let’s flash it back to September. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Premier League decided to cancel an entire round of fixtures. That decision proved to be the exception rather than the rule as other sports played after honoring the late monarch, it was what the powers that be chose.

Most of those games have been made up, but two remain outstanding. Arsenal need to host Everton, and Wolves are set to visit Liverpool.

With all four of those clubs eliminated from the FA Cup — the competition’s fifth round will be taking place on Tuesday, February 28, and Wednesday, March 1 — the make-up matches were penciled in for Wednesday. The Arsenal match will kick off at 2:45 Eastern time, with Liverpool’s game starting 15 minutes later.

Arsenal will have to make the most of this game in hand, especially given their previous engagement with Everton

When you’re chasing a Premier League title, every game is important. For Mikel Arteta’s men, though, the date against Everton will have a bit of extra significance.

At the start of February, Arsenal traveled to Goodison Park. While you would have expected the league leaders to cruise to an easy win, that wasn’t on the cards. With Sean Dyche at the helm, the Toffees put in a stout defensive performance and secured a hard-fought 1-0 win. That was only the Gunners’ second loss of the entire season.

There’s been some movement since then — Arsenal also lost to Manchester City and briefly slipped into second place before returning to the top of the table — but there’s no mistaking the importance of this match. This date with Everton is the North London club’s game in hand; from here on out, Arteta and company will be going match for match with the reigning champs. A win on Wednesday would provide a five-point cushion for that home stretch, which becomes even more essential when you remember that Arsenal still need to travel to the Etihad. Even if City were to triumph in that head-to-head engagement, the Gunners would still control their own destiny.

So, while revenge for their previous encounter will be on Arsenal’s collective mind, there’s something bigger at stake on Wednesday. This is an opportunity the club can’t afford to waste.


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