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Bubba Watson and his father-in-law joined Tiger Woods and his son during last month’s 2020 PNC Championship. The two are fine golfers, but that’s about where the similarity ends. Woods is a private person, while Watson is an outgoing character who likes to share things via his social media platforms. Watson recalled a time when he believes Woods blocked him from sending text messages because Bubba was being himself.

Bubba Watson is a free spirit

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Maybe being left-handed explains it. Bubba Watson has that outgoing personality and has no problems showing it off. He has no issues being in the spotlight.

Watson was once named by Bleacher Report as one of the top-10 most-liked golfers. Watson, who turned pro in 2002, was described by Bleacher Report as a changed man as he started out as a “short-tempered hot-head” who had some anger-management issues. The new and improved Watson is more laid back but maintains his competitiveness.

Watson enjoys the limelight. He once was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after he sent her a video of a trick show he performed on her birthday. His bubbly personality, combined with his golf talent, make him one of the sport’s most popular figures.

Watson recently joined Tiger Woods at the PNC Championship

The 2020 PNC Championship, formerly known as the Father/Son Challenge, took place in December. The event has loosened up its requirements with some players teaming up with daughters, fathers, grandsons, and in-laws. Bubba Watson entered this year’s tournament with his father-in-law, Wayne Ball.

“I am very excited to be playing in this tournament for the first time. I love the family connection with this event,” Watson said in a statement, according to Golfweek. “My father-in-law, Baller (Wayne), might get a little nervous, especially if we have a chance to win the Willie Park Trophy belt, but I think that will make it all the more fun. My son Caleb is also making the trip with us, which will make this a three-generation experience. I am pretty sure Caleb thinks it’s a scouting trip for the future when he will be old enough to play in the tournament.”

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie also took part in the event. Other notable participants were John Daly, who is undergoing treatment for bladder cancer. Daly teamed up with his son. David Duval, Jim Furyk, and Mark Calcavecchia also took part with their sons.

Watson once explained why he believed Tiger Woods blocked him

Sometimes Bubba Watson’s personality gets in the way. That may have happened when Tiger Woods wouldn’t respond to Watson’s text messages. During a 2019 interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Watson explained why Woods may have shut Watson off. Patrick asked Watson if he had Tiger Woods’ phone number and if Woods responds to his texts.

Watson said he had Woods’ number and he “sometimes” responds. “Does he block you?” Patrick asked. “He’s probably blocked me before,” Watson said. “He changes his number quite a bit.” Watson said he gets Woods’ number whenever they are on a team event.

“You get every player’s number so you can have a group text,” Watson said. “Even if he blocks me, then I get it that week. And then I’ll have it for a little bit. I send him so many text messages and so much stuff. It’s just random stuff, like here’s a bottle of water. So that might be why he blocks me. That one week when we’re on a team together, I just love to send him random stuff.”