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Yelling “KOBE!” after a shot is a tradition unlike any other for basketball fans.

It doesn’t even have to be an actual basketball, either. A balled-up piece of paper going into your wastebasket at work. Your dirty T-shirt flying across your room into your laundry basket. The water bottle you’ve been carrying around all day being flung into a street-side trash can. Every basketball fan has imitated the late, great Kobe Bryant at some point in their lives, even NBA players. Anthony Davis, who just made the biggest shot of his basketball career Sunday night, only had one word to say after leading the Lakers to a Game 2 win. “KOBE!”

Anthony Davis made the game-winning three in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals

The Lakers were in control for much of Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets Sunday night. That was until Nikola Jokic did Nikola Jokic things in the fourth quarter and led the underdogs back from a double-digit deficit to take a one-point lead late in the game.

LA had the ball under their own basket with 2.1 seconds to play down one point. Almost everyone expected LeBron James to get the ball for the final shot, especially the Nuggets. They double-teamed him during the inbounds play, which allowed Davis to slip free for an open shot.

Bang. Swish. Never a doubt.

The Lakers bench flew onto the court to tackle Davis after his heroic game-winner, and the TNT cameras caught Davis honoring Kobe Bryant the best way he knew how.

Davis yelled “KOBE!” after his game-winning shot

After watching a few replays of Davis’ game-winner, Internet sleuths were quick to read his lips and point out he yelled “KOBE!” after the 3-pointer went through the hoop.

Word even spread to the media covering the game, so Davis was asked about the moment afterward. Before the reporter could even finish his question, Davis smirked as if the world knew his secret.

Davis confirmed he did yell the phrase after his game-winning shot. The most famous “KOBE!” of all time, as Bryant’s presence was felt during the clutch winner.

The Lakers were wearing Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” uniforms Sunday night

The Lakers might have some magic in those all-black uniforms. The “Black Mamba” jerseys, which were designed by Bryant, have been good luck for the Lakers all postseason, and they might never lose in them again.

Davis spoke about Bryant and the effect his jerseys have on the team after his game-winner Sunday night.

Obviously, we’re representing him. Especially in those jerseys. It’s his jersey, one he created, and any time we put it on, we want to win.

Anthony Davis

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel gave a passionate speech about the uniforms late in the game, and it propelled the Lakers to a Game 2 victory.

He said, ‘Look at the jerseys you have on. He would have made big-time plays. So it’s time for us to make big-time plays. Just looking down at the jersey and Coach telling us, it’s a constant reminder that Kobe is with us, and we kind of have the spirit in those jerseys.”

Anthony Davis

There’s no denying Bryant’s impact on the Lakers playoff run so far. They’ve dedicated the season to the all-time great, and now it feels like destiny for LA to honor him with a championship this season.