Brett Favre Regrets How His Packers Career Ended

Much has been said about Brett Favre‘s departure from the Green Bay Packers. There were plenty of ruffled feathers on both sides due to how things were handled. With it being well over a decade since the Hall of Famer left the franchise, he has quite a different perspective of the entire matter.

Brett Favre’s end of Packers’ career

During the 2006 season, there was building chatter that Farve was considering stepping away from the game.

It wasn’t the cleanest of paths by any means as he decided to step away from the game after the 2007 season. However, that was shortlived as he chose to return for another year to the Packers.

The troubles with decision-making regarding retirement didn’t stop there as he went that route after the following season. Like the previous instance, Favre elected to continue to play, but this time Green Bay had grown comfortable with the idea of moving forward with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

The Hall of Famer asked for his release to play elsewhere, which he was eventually traded to the New York Jets. It was a fuddled matter that had many twists and turns along the way that Favre believes he should have handled differently.

Brett Favre regrets how his tenure with Packers ended

It has been well over a decade since Favre’s departure from the Packers, which has given him plenty of time to assess how the situation went down.

During a recent interview with Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, he voiced that he wishes he would have handled the entire matter differently.

“If I could go back and do things differently, I certainly would,” said Favre, whose overtime interception against the Giants turned out to be his last pass with the Packers. “When I made the decision to tell Mike McCarthy that I would retire, I was probably a month, month-and-a-half removed (from the season). It was before the draft. I always make this (comparison) — and maybe it makes sense to me and not to others — but if you think back to when you were in grade school, you couldn’t wait to get out of school for the summer. But by the end of the summer, you were kind of ready to go back to school. And that is kind of the way it was with football. And the older I got, the tougher it got to get re-invigorated and excited about it.

“I would much rather have not said anything and just bought a little time. Of course, everyone knew by that time I couldn’t make up my mind two months removed from the season anyway. We had been down that road before. But I knew, and I have no ill feelings about this, but I knew they were sort of ready to go in a different direction. And at some point you’ve got to make that transition, and Ted felt like that was probably the best time. It turned out to be a great move. And I’d tell Ted that to his face right now.

Much of his assessment lies with allowing himself time in the offseason to get that itch to continue to play. He had gone through a similar process the previous year, but it wound up being handled the same.

At the same time, Favre realizes that he put the Packers in a tight position of them having to move on from him due to his indecision. Things could have been handled much differently had he went about in another manner.

Packers made the right decision

The Packers had been put in a holding pattern with Favre over those last two seasons as he contemplated retirement.

Green Bay had their next quarterback in place that they were grooming behind Favre with Rodgers. The pieces were in place for the franchise to move on with their next quarterback, especially after three seasons sitting as the backup.

It was undoubtedly a tough decision for the packers, but it ultimately proved to be the right one.