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Bubba Wallace has competed in the NASCAR Cup Series since 2017. He’s run in 186 races. With that substantial number of events, it’s reasonable to expect that he’s had to go to the bathroom at some point during the middle of a race. The 23XI Racing driver recently addressed the question. 

Bubba Wallace talks about peeing during a race

Bubba Wallace secured a season-best fourth-place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway a few weeks ago. Before his solid run, he visited with actor Kal Penn, guest hosting for The Daily Show, in a question-and-answer session. 

Penn went to where many questioners refuse to go when he asked the driver how he goes to the bathroom while racing 400 miles. 

“Have you ever been in a high-adrenaline moment?” Wallace retorted. 

“I once rode a cheetah in a movie,” the actor responded. 

“Did you have to pee in that moment?” Wallace asked. 

“Uh, no,” Penn said. 

“Exactly,” the 23XI Racing driver replied.

“So you’re really in the zone?” the actor questioned.

“Yeah. And they always say, if you do pee in the car then you got to be there Monday morning to clean it out,” Wallace told him.

“You don’t have somebody for that?” Penn inquired.

“They’re not going to do it,” the driver answered. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had different take than Wallace

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always been known for being candid. He was brutally honest on the secretive subject several times during his career. 

“Well, you do go to the bathroom,” he told Fox Sports. “Yeah, so if you can hold it, you hold it. If you can’t hold it, you go. It’s not too often that this happens because the car is real hot, and you sweat a lot and you basically lose all your water weight through sweating. So your bladder never fills up. 

“If it’s a hot day and you get real nervous before the race and you drank too much water because you think you are going to dehydrate, you typically end up having to go to the bathroom before you even get the green flag.”

Junior also addressed the taboo topic once during a Twitter Q&A session in 2014 when asked how many times a year he goes to the bathroom during a race. 

“Once or twice A YEAR,” Earnhardt replied. “When ya gotta go ya go.” 

And see you in the shop on Monday morning.

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