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Darius Leonard was all smiles after the Indianapolis Colts smashed the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday for their first win of 2020, but he had some explaining to do when he returned home to his wife with no wedding ring on his finger.

After the game, Leonard took off his gloves and tossed them to a lucky fan. The problem? His wedding ring got caught during the exchange and came right off his finger. Mrs. Leonard couldn’t have been happy with his explanation when he got home.

Darius Leonard and the Colts crushed the Vikings in Week 2

The Colts suffered an unexpected loss in Week 1 to an undermanned Jacksonville Jaguars team, but they immediately bounced back with a strong performance on Sunday. Indianapolis jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in its 28-11 victory against the Vikings.

Leonard led the team in tackles for the second straight week, as he finished with six stops and one assist Sunday. He also recorded a pass deflection in the win.

The Colts were one of the few teams in the NFL to allow fans in their home stadium in Week 2. The team allowed 2,500 spectators in Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday for its home opener, and one of them left with a surprising souvenir.

Leonard accidentally gave his wedding ring away to a fan after the game

After the win, Leonard decided to perform a good deed and toss a young fan his game-worn gloves from Sunday. To the fan’s surprise, Leonard’s gloves weren’t the only souvenir he received.

Upon closer inspection, the left glove had Leonard’s wedding ring stuck inside. With no way to alert Leonard after leaving the stadium, the fan’s step-uncle took to Twitter the next day.

Tyler Brooke, who just happens to be a reporter for Bleacher Report, tagged Leonard in a tweet saying his step-nephew had his wedding ring and is looking to give it back. Leonard, who must’ve had to face his wife by then, replied, “I need that” with four laughing emojis.

He might’ve been feeling the highs of the Colts’ big win after the game, but the rest of Leonard’s Sunday must’ve been stressful with the uncertainty of his lost ring hanging over his head.

The wedding ring is en route to Leonard in Indianapolis

Luckily for Leonard, the fan and his family were more than willing to help out and return the ring to the All-Pro linebacker. Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network said the wedding ring is safe and en route to Leonard in Indianapolis now.

Ah, the power of Twitter. Who said the social media platform is ruining the youth?

Despite the win on Sunday, Leonard probably made his wife’s naughty list for a short while, which is much worse than the feeling of losing a football game.