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Phil Mickelson took to Twitter Sunday night to hint at a possible 1-on-1 rematch between him and Tiger Woods. The two golf legends dueled it out one year ago for a $9 million prize, with Mickelson taking home the cash after a birdie on the final playoff hole. Both Mickelson and Woods were mic’d up for that match. They also added a few gambling nuggets throughout the round, such as closest to the pin challenges and individual hole matches. Could we be getting the rematch soon?

Phil Mickelson said he’s “working on” a rematch with Tiger Woods

Phil Mickelson is always active on Twitter, especially now stuck at home with no PGA Tour events on the horizon. He enjoys replying to fans often about his calf workouts, career accomplishments, and even their amateur swings.

On Sunday night a desperate fan who is clearly missing sports asked Mickelson if he and Tiger Woods were going to play round two of their match soon. An empty hail mary for most Twitter users to get a response from an athlete, but Mickelson actually responded.

Mickelson replied with a simple “Working on it.” Another fan chimed in to make sure Mickelson wasn’t just teasing the golf world. Again, Mickelson responded. “I don’t tease. I’m kinda a sure thing,” Mickelson replied.

He kept his responses short, but it sure seems like something could be in the works. Mickelson’s confidence is encouraging for those who are craving the rematch.

Tiger Woods will want revenge after losing the first match to Mickelson

Tiger Woods is one of the most competitive athletes of recent memory. In his prime, all he did was win, and it killed him when he didn’t. Woods and Mickelson have had a friendly rivalry throughout their lengthy golf careers, so Woods losing the first match is undoubtedly still eating at him.

He didn’t just lose to his longtime rival last year, though. He had to fork over almost $10 million afterward. That couldn’t have sat well with Woods.

If Mickelson pitches the idea to Woods, he would definitely be on board. Golf fans would get a glimpse of the ultra-competitive Tiger from back in his prime. He would treat the match like a Sunday at The Masters. It would make for incredible television.

What “The Match” part 2 should look like

In the original tweet directed at Mickelson, the fan pitched the idea of both players getting mic’d up and having a single cameraman follow them for 18 holes. It’s a good starting point, but the rematch would need a full camera crew to track every shot and show the viewers where the balls are landing on the green.

If they can figure out a course that will allow the match and a camera crew from Golf Channel that can cover it, that’s all they need. However, Mickelson and Woods should spice it up this time.

Fans should be able to vote on surprise challenges to throw at the players throughout the match. Make them pick just one club to use on an entire par 5. Give them a set of old wooden clubs to play a hole. Or maybe blindfold both players on a par 3 and see how close they can get to the pin.

The possibilities are endless, but the fans could really make things interesting. These changes would make for an even more entertaining mic’d up match than the first. Mickelson said it’s already in the works, so hopefully, the two future Hall of Famers can come to an agreement soon.