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Dak Prescott has had a tougher year than most people. In addition to dealing with the pandemic and watching demonstrations erupt in cities across the nation in protest against racial inequalities and police brutality, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has been coping with the tragic death of his 31-year-old brother Jace, who died unexpectedly in April. Prescott broke his silence on the family tragedy in a press conference to open the 2020 training camp. 

Dak Prescott pledges $1 million to fight racial injustice

Dak Prescott has been a leader on the field for the Dallas Cowboys for the last four seasons. Off the field, Prescott has been a leader in helping those facing cancer and other life-challenging hardships with his Faith Fight Finish Foundation he launched in 2013. 

In June, following the death of George Floyd, Prescott voiced his concerns about the racial injustices in America. “As our communities take action, protesting and fighting for the justice for George Floyd and every Black life, I am with You!” he wrote on the foundation’s website.

At the conclusion of his letter, Dak Prescott made a $1 million pledge to “improve our police training and address systematic racism through education and advocacy in our country.” 

The tragic death of Prescott’s brother

On April 23, Dak Prescott received horrible news that his 31-year-old brother Jace had died unexpectedly. Jace was an offensive lineman at Northwestern State in Louisiana, where the Prescott brothers Tad, Jace, and Dak grew up. He played three seasons at Northwestern State, starting all 11 games in his final season in 2010.

The brothers were close and even appeared together in a Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial that aired last season. The only news from the Cowboys at the time of the incident came in the form of a brief statement. 

“The loss of Tad and Dak’s brother is devastating. At this incredibly difficult time, the Prescott family asks only for prayers and respect for their privacy.”

Dak Prescott talks about brother’s influence

Since Dak Prescott’s brother died in April, the family has had to endure numerous painful milestones, including on Mother’s Day, May 10, which would have been Jace’s 32nd birthday. That day was just a painful reminder of his death and the death of their mother Peggy, who died from colon cancer in 2013.

Prescott said all of the things the rest of the world has endured, plus what his family experienced, has been incredibly challenging. 

“It’s tough, obviously. He meant a lot to my family. He meant a lot to me. He’s part of the reason I am a quarterback. When I was a little kid, he’s the reason that I first started throwing the football. It’s been a tough year for me, personally. It’s been a tough year for my family. It’s been a tough year for this country and this world.”

Despite the pain and sadness, Dak Prescott said he’s had a tremendous amount of support from his personal family and the Cowboys family. 

“I have a great family to count on, to lean on. Great supporters here. Great teammates. Great coaches. People that helped me get through it. I have the obligation to live on and carry on another legacy. So it’s now not just my mother, but my brother as well. I’ll continue to do that in every walk of my life.”

Dak Prescott’s pain was evident by the expressions on his face, and when he paused a couple of times taking a deep breath. Despite that pain, it’s also clear he’s pushing forward and going to do his part to carry on the family legacy. That family pride shows just how close his family is and how much they love one another. And that’s something no one can ever take away.