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The Dallas Cowboys had a thrilling comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but team owner Jerry Jones wasn’t too thrilled with the defensive unit after the fact.

Despite the win, Dallas’ defense gave up 39 points to Matt Ryan and company in Week 2. The Cowboys needed a miracle to pull off the last-second victory because of the hole the defense put them in, and Jones didn’t forget that after the euphoria subsided. On Tuesday night, Jones sent a stern message to his defense ahead of their matchup with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cowboys defense gave up 39 points to the Falcons in Week 2

As incredible as the Cowboys’ win was this past week, it’s impossible to overlook the defensive performance from the game. Dallas’ defense gave up 39 points to the Falcons on Sunday, as Matt Ryan had his way with the secondary all day.

Ryan completed 24 of his 36 pass attempts for 273 yards and four touchdowns. He didn’t throw a single interception, and the Cowboys’ front four barely pressured the QB. They only mustered one sack in the contest.

The defensive performance Sunday isn’t a great omen for this week’s matchup — Russell Wilson.

The Cowboys defense gets Russell Wilson and the Seahawks next

If the Falcons can put up 39 points with the ease they did in Week 2, imagine what Wilson and the Seahawks are going to do this Sunday.

Wilson might be the leading MVP candidate through two games this season. He’s completing an NFL-best 82.5% of his passes so far, and he also leads the league with nine passing touchdowns. The Seahawks are scoring 36.5 points per game through two weeks, which includes a matchup against the New England Patriots.

Seattle’s efficient offense will torch Dallas on Sunday if Mike McCarthy and Mike Nolan don’t fix the defensive issues from last week.

Jerry Jones sends a stern message to the Cowboys defense

Jerry Jones was seen in his stadium box last week maybe more elated than he’s ever been after a Cowboys victory. After the celebration wore down, though, Jones spoke about his team’s defensive performance against the Falcons.

Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday and got real about the Cowboys defense.

We’ve got a lot of work. We’re not taking a football team into Seattle that’s hitting on all cylinders at all. We’ve got a lot of work to do. You saw it defensively, we’ve got some serious work to do. We’ve got alignments to work on, we’ve got basic defensive technique to work on. We’re still working through the kinds of things you might be working through midway through training camp. Now other teams are too. And so, we’ve got a lot to work on, but that’s the good news.

Jerry Jones

Despite saying the Cowboys defense isn’t where it needs to be right now, Jones seemed optimistic about its ability to improve going forward. If it can, and the offense can keep humming, look out for Dallas down the road.


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