Jerry Jones Reacts to Dak Prescott Being Sedated for 11 Hours To Get Tattooed

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys begin the 2023 season with a Sunday night game against the New York Giants.

Mike Thomas  •  10 Sep 2023
Dallas Cowboys Players Want Just 2 Things From Jerry Jones, and They’re ‘First World Problems’

According to the NFLPA report card, the Dallas Cowboys ranked fifth out of 32 teams, with the treatment of facilities ranked best in the league.

Rita DeMichiel  •  24 Mar 2023
Jimmy Johnson Embarrasses Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones by Shutting Down His Delusional Eagles Take

Jimmy Johnson isn’t buying what Jerry Jones is selling.

Jack Dougherty  •  09 Feb 2023
Jealous Jerry Jones Erroneously Claims the Eagles Sold Their Future Away for a Super Bowl Run

Jerry Jones thinks the Eagles sold their future away for a Super Bowl appearance.

Jack Dougherty  •  04 Feb 2023
Dak Prescott vs. Mike McCarthy: Who Should Jerry Jones Blame More for the Cowboys’ Latest Playoff Letdown?

Is Dak Prescott or Mike McCarthy to blame for the Dallas Cowboys’ latest disappointment?

Stephen Sheehan  •  27 Jan 2023
Mike McCarthy Clock Management Sends Cowboys Home Again, and Jerry Jones Can’t Be Happy

A Mike McCarthy clock management issue again ended a Cowboys-49ers playoff game, and Jerry jones can’t be happy about it.

Tim Crean  •  22 Jan 2023
Jerry Jones’ Mike McCarthy Vote of Confidence Could Be Kiss of Death for Coach

Jerry Jones’ Mike McCarthy statement seems like good news for the Cowboys coach, but if he loses in the playoffs will Sean Payton be in play?

Tim Crean  •  15 Jan 2023
Jerry Jones Officially Throws His Cowboys Hat Into the NFL Trade Deadline Ring

Jerry Jones was fired up after the Dallas Cowboys Week 8 win and now says he’s willing to give up picks at the NFL trade deadline.

Tim Crean  •  30 Oct 2022
Cowboys: It’s Time for Jerry Jones to Admit His $90 Million Mistake

Dallas Cowboys owner needs to admit he made a mistake with Ezekiel Elliott and focus more on keeping Tony Pollard.

Tim Crean  •  30 Oct 2022