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After what must have felt like an eternity, the Buffalo Bills are back to winning ways. Thanks, in large part to Josh Allen, the franchise has reclaimed the top spot in the AFC East and, perhaps more importantly, won a playoff game. While their season ended with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s no shame in falling to the defending Super Bowl champion in the AFC title game.

Roughly a week later, though, the NFL has added some insult to injury. Not only did the quarterback suffer a season-ending defeat, but now Josh Allen has to shell out $15,000 for his actions at Arrowhead Stadium.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are on the right track

For the past two decades, it was virtually guaranteed that the New England Patriots would take the top spot in the AFC East and make a run toward the Super Bowl title. The Buffalo Bills, however, are now the division’s top dog.

While New England’s decline is certainly a part of the story, the Buffalo Bills have also managed to strike gold. Although there were initially some concerns about his ability to put it all together, Josh Allen now looks like a legitimate franchise quarterback.

After early struggles with accuracy, Allen put everything together in 2020. While might not fit the mold of a traditional dual-threat quarterback—he’s a massive man, rather than an elusive runner—the Bills’ signal-caller is capable of running over defenders or throwing bullets past them with equal ease. During the 2020 campaign, he threw for 4,544 yards, rushed for 421 more, and accounted for 46 total touchdowns.

Allen isn’t the only driver of Buffalo’s success—Stephon Diggs posted a strong season, and Sean McDermott is proving himself to be a talented head coach—but one thing is clear: regardless of where you assign the credit, the Bills are certainly on the right track.

The Bills season ended with a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

While the Buffalo Bills did reclaim the top spot in the AFC East, they’re not heading to the Super Bowl just yet. Their 2020 campaign ended in the AFC Championship, with a 38-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Although losing to the defending champions is understandable, the Bills didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory that evening. After jumping out to an early lead, Buffalo seemed unable to withstand the Kansas City surge.

Josh Allen and his offense struggled to convert, especially on third down; on the other side of the ball, the defense couldn’t find an answer for Travis Kelce. Sean McDermott also came under fire for his decision to kick two field goals instead of pushing for touchdowns inside the red zone.

When the Kansas City Chiefs hit their stride, you need to play a perfect game to knock them off their perch. While the Buffalo Bills put together an impressive campaign, things were a little bit lacking during their trip to Arrowhead.

Josh Allen will now have to pay a $15,000 fine because of his behavior during that loss


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While it’s possible he’ll hold onto what happened in Kansas City for motivation, Josh Allen probably won’t be in a hurry to remember the 2020 AFC Championship game. Now, the NFL has added a bit more insult to injury.

Toward the end of that game, Allen took exception to a late hit from Alex Okafor; after the play, he tossed the ball at the defender, striking him in the face mask. The defensive end didn’t appreciate that and stood over Allen, prompting some of the Bills linemen to intervene and starting a bit of a scuffle.

As reported by Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, Allen was recently hit with a $15,000 fine for his unsportsmanlike conduct. While that amount is pretty insignificant for a professional athlete, it will make the Bills’ season-ending defeat even more irritating.