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The experts who hopped on the bandwagon to tout Josh Allen over Patrick Mahomes got exactly what they deserved after the Kansas City Chiefs routed the Buffalo Bills in the AFC championship game. They got run down by Brittany Matthews.

Matthews didn’t need her $200,000 Lamborghini to leave tread marks up and down their backs. She scorched them with one sentence on social media.

Brittany Matthews is in the conversation for best-known WAG

Get ready for the dozens (if not hundreds) of stories between now and Super Bowl 55 that will compare and contrast quarterbacks Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady is the veteran of more than two decades in the NFL who already possesses six Super Bowl rings. Mahomes is the young upstart who earned his first championship last February and is on a career trajectory that could see him ranked with the sport’s all-time greats by the end of the decade.

A close second in comparisons to expect: Gisele Bundchen (i.e., Mrs. Tom Brady) and Brittany Matthews (i.e., the future Mrs. Patrick Mahomes). Bundchen is the internationally famous model who largely remains in the background until Super Bowl week. Matthews is the trainer and entrepreneur who embraces social media to support Mahomes and the Chiefs every chance she gets.

Matthews, who began dating Mahomes in high school, has been quick on the draw to fire back at the occasional criticism her fiancé attracts. Consequently, the expectant mom is high on the list of well-known wives and girlfriends in the sports world.

Patrick Mahomes outgunned Josh Allen in the AFC title game

One of the fashionable takes by so-called experts ahead of the AFC championship game was to tout Josh Allen over Patrick Mahomes as the better quarterback or at least riding more momentum coming into the game for the right to go to Super Bowl 55.

Adam Schein of CBS Sports was among them, saying he voted for Allen for player of the year, presumably over even Aaron Rodgers, who had a monster year in getting the Green Bay Packers as far as the Buffalo Bills went.

“Let me tell you something, Josh Allen is the best quarterback on the field on Sunday,” Schein claimed before the game. “Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, they had a better combination and connection this season when you compare and contrast it to Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill.”

A few others had similar sentiments, and Allen’s 2020 season was by far his best in three seasons in the league. But, aside from being surrounded by superior talent, Mahomes has posted three superb NFL seasons and already led the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl 54. The people anointing Allen ahead of Mahomes woke up Monday with a wicked case of buyers’ remorse.

It’s not as though Allen was badly outclassed, but Mahomes looked in command by going 29 of 38 for 325 yards and three touchdowns. Allen was 28 of 48 for 287 yards, two TDs, and one interception. He ran seven times for 88 yards but also lost his cool after a late-game sack with the Bills in desperation mode.

Brittany Matthews mocked the so-called experts

When all was said and done, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills, 38-24, to reach their second consecutive Super Bowl. They’ll play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa.

Brittany Matthews couldn’t wait to get her two cents in after fiancé Patrick Mahomes wrapped up another clutch performance in a big game:

“One day, y’all will learn, to stop comparing people,” she tweeted.

A little while later, Mahomes got a look at ESPN’s pre-game breakdown that gave Buffalo the edge at quarterback. His response was short but sweet.

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