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Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are two of the most popular faces in the NASCAR and motorsports worlds. While they have both had plenty of success, being a top-tier competitor sometimes leads to feuds with other drivers. Busch and Earnhardt actually had a feud with each other, which led to Busch receiving death threats.

Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a feud during the 2008 NASCAR season

During the 2008 NASCAR Cup Series season, Busch and Earnhardt had a heated rivalry. It reached its peak during an incident at the Crown Royal Presents the Dan Lowry 400 at the Richmond Raceway.

With just a few laps left, Earnhardt had the lead. Busch, though, ultimately spun him out. Clint Bowyer then ended up winning the race. Busch most likely didn’t do it on purpose, but after the race, Earnhardt said that Busch was “going to need security from all of us” when leaving the track, according to USA Today’s For the Win.

In 2018, Busch appeared on the Dale Jr. Download podcast and ultimately said that there were “words being slung, rocks being slung, hats being slung, beers being slung — at us, at the golf cart,” as he left the track, according to For the Win.

That wasn’t all that happened to Busch, though.

Kyle Busch received death threats because of the feud

Busch had to worry about his safety that day at the Richmond Raceway. However, he had to worry about it for quite some time after that, too.

“For the rest of the year, there was crazy death threats and stuff like that. There was death threats to the house,” Busch said, according to For The Win. Busch then detailed a scary incident at the Kentucky Speedway in a race he did in the Xfinity series.

“I won that night, and as soon as I did the Victory Lane stuff, they corralled me and got me and took me into a cop car and took me out of the race track in a cop car,” he said, according to For The Win. “I’m like ‘What are we doing, boys? What’s going on?’ They were like, ‘We’ve had a tip-off that there’s a shooter on the loose. Like, a guy’s coming to the race track with a shotgun.’ So it was stuff like that that was happening not weekly but periodically through that time, definitely through the rest of ‘08 and maybe once or twice in ‘09.”

Busch continued: “So we actually had a behind-the-scenes FBI guy tailing me through the rest of ’08. … He came with us about everywhere.”

It appears that Busch and Earnhardt have moved past their feud. They both agree Busch didn’t spin Earnhardt out on purpose. That rivalry, though, ultimately resulted in a pretty intense time for Busch, as some fans just take things too far.

Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have been very successful in NASCAR

Even many casual NASCAR fans typically know the names Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. They are two of the most famous drivers in the racing world.

Earnhardt was extremely popular among fans during his career, winning 15 consecutive Most Popular Driver awards. He also ultimately recorded 26 Cup Series wins, per Sporting News.

Busch, however, has been one of the most successful drivers of his era. He’s won a combined 228 races in NASCAR’s three big Series. With 63 total NASCAR Cup Series wins, Busch holds the all-time win records in the Truck Series (63) and Xfinity Series (102).

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