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Mike McCarthy‘s tenure with the Dallas Cowboys has gotten off to a rocky start, and that might be because he was never prepared for the job at all.

During the offseason interview process, McCarthy told GM Jerry Jones he watched every Cowboys play from the 2019 season to familiarize himself with the team. Well, that turned out to be a white lie, and McCarthy later admitted to it after he was hired. Jones can’t be happy with the way McCarthy weaseled his way into the job.

Mike McCarthy lied to Jerry Jones about doing his homework

The Cowboys have been an underwhelming team for two decades now. Despite the high expectations every season, Dallas hasn’t reached the Super Bowl since it won the Lombardi Trophy in 1995.

Jason Garrett was the man in charge for the last 10 years, but Jerry Jones finally had enough of his mediocrity and fired him after the 2019 season. The Cowboys head coaching job immediately became the most coveted in the NFL.

After a short search, Jones brought in former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to replace Garrett and lead the Cowboys back to prominence. What impressed Jones about McCarthy during the interview process was the homework he claimed to do to prepare for the gig.

McCarthy told Jones he watched every single Cowboys play from the 2019 season. Well, it turns out that wasn’t true at all.

McCarthy admitted to his lying ways after he was hired

Jones was so impressed with McCarthy as a candidate that he gave him the keys to the Porsche one day after firing Garrett. His claim of watching every snap from the previous season undoubtedly swayed Jones’ decision in some way, so the GM was shocked to hear McCarthy’s confession a few months later.

On Aug. 12 McCarthy and Jones held an introductory press conference in Dallas. The new head coach was asked about the homework he did to prepare for the job, and he revealed an embarrassing piece of info.

“Well, I need to confess. I told Jerry that I watched every play of the 2019 season, but I wanted the job,” McCarthy said. “I haven’t watched every play of the season, but you do what you gotta do, right?”

Jones chuckled to himself as McCarthy finished his explanation, but you could tell he was fuming inside. A few months later, he can’t be happy with how McCarthy has started his tenure in Dallas.

McCarthy might not be in Dallas for long

McCarthy’s Cowboys career didn’t get off to a promising start after he lied to Jones’ face to get the job, and it hasn’t gotten much better since then.

Dallas is 2-4 under McCarthy through six games this season. The defense has been gashed in every game so far, as it’s given up the most points per game in the NFL this year (36.3).

Dallas can’t stop anybody in 2020, and things won’t be getting better any time soon with Dak Prescott out for the season. The Cowboys could be on their way to a losing season and another year without a playoff appearance, which wouldn’t bode well for McCarthy.

He signed a five-year contract before the season, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he got canned well before 2025.


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