Mike Tyson’s Biggest Lawsuit Involved Another Mike Suing for $115 Million

During his boxing career and well after it, Legendary fighter Mike Tyson has dealt with many legal issues. Tyson has been in the middle of many lawsuits that put him out of a significant chunk of money. He also had to deal with another legal headache as another retired boxer named Mike Landrum once filed a $115 million lawsuit against him over the use of the “Iron Mike” nickname.

Mike Tyson’s legacy

Tyson had a quick rise to stardom in the squared circle as he became a crowd favorite quite early in his career.

That saw him breeze through opponents, which included earning first-round knockouts in 12 out of his first 16 professional fights. His success continued into his early 20s as he became the WBA, WBC, IBF, The Ring, and lineal heavyweight champion. Tyson was the first heavyweight boxer to hold each of these belts at the same time and the only fighter in his class to unify them.

During that span of going undefeated in his first 37 fights, he beat the likes of Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, and Trevor Berbick. Tyson suffered a disappointing upset loss to Buster Douglas, but he bounced back by winning his next eight fights.

Although he lost the bulk of the prime of his career due to a six-year prison sentence, he still put together an impressive run. There were many regrettable moments along the way due to his erratic behavior at times. Still, it was that paired with his intense and intimidating boxing style that earned nicknames such as “Iron” and later received the moniker “The Baddest Man on the Planet.”

Mike Tyson involved in $115 million lawsuit

Tyson stepped away from boxing professionally in 2002 after his loss to Kevin McBride.

Over his boxing career, it had become quite evident that he had plenty of financial issues along the way. Those issues didn’t stop as in 2010; he was sued by retired boxer Mike Landrum for $115 million on the claim that Tyson stole his “Iron Mike” nickname more than two decades before that, according to TMZ.com.

Landrum believes that he first used that moniker before he began his own boxing career in 1983. Meanwhile, Tyson didn’t start fighting professionally until 1985 and believed the use of that nickname “hindered from getting any major title fights or sponsorships because of the name confusion.” The reasoning for the lawsuit was due to the Spike TV series titled “Knockout Sportsworld,” using it.

However, the lawsuit didn’t go very far in the court system as it was dismissed due to a lack of merit and timeliness in process service. The case never reached the point of having a jury. Ultimately, it may have been the timing of the entire matter that didn’t allow his case to gather any real legal traction.

Mike Landrum sued Mike Tyson again for $55 million

Although Landrum didn’t see his case far in the legal realm, that didn’t stop him from trying yet again.

Seven years later, in June 2017, he decided to file a lawsuit for $55 million in damages along with the cease of the use of the nickname in anything boxing related or any other venture. The decreased value of the lawsuit in the second time was due to what he believed being a drop in value.

Like the previous case, that didn’t go far in the legal system as there wasn’t a case to be made. More than anything else, it was a money grab by Landrum. It only further underlines the numerous legal issues that Tyson has dealt with over his life that have added what’s been a hard life during his boxing career and well after it.