How the Edmunds Brothers are Making NFL History on Sunday Night Football

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The three Edmunds brothers will make NFL history on Sunday Night Football.

While a meeting between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers might not have sounded like a marquee Sunday Night Football match-up at the start of the year, 14 weeks of NFL action have changed the narrative. The former club has emerged from their doldrums and transformed into one of the AFC’s better teams; the latter has spent the season battling through tough circumstances and is clinging to a Wild Card spot. There will be another storyline on Sunday, however, focused on the Edmunds brothers.

When push comes to shove, both the Steelers and the Bills will be fighting for a win on Sunday night. The Edmunds family, however, will have to take a step back to savor a special moment.

The Edmunds’ brothers road to the NFL history books

On Sunday night, three brothers, Tremaine, Terrell, and Trey will all take part in the same NFL game. According to the league, that hasn’t happened in 92 years;  brothers Joe, Cobb, and Bill Rooney last accomplished the feat in 1927 as members of the Duluth Eskimos.

It’s not the first time that the Edmunds brothers have made history, however. In 2018, Tremaine and Terrell became the first pair of brothers to be selected in the first round of the same draft; the former Edmunds, a linebacker, landed in Buffalo, while the latter, a safety, headed to the Steel City.

All three brothers played together at Virginia Tech, but Trey was the first to make the leap to the pros. The running back went undrafted and spent a quiet year with the New Orleans Saints; in 2018, he signed a deal with the Steelers. After spending last season on the practice squad, he’s finally gotten a shot on the active roster.

Tonights’ game will be a family affair for the Edmunds brothers

Every NFL player has to be incredibly competitive. Facing off against a family member, however, takes things to the next level.

“There are no words to describe how competitive we were growing up. We competed in everything,” Trey explained. “Whether it was on the field, the basketball court, soccer, track, who could get to dinner the fastest. Everything was a competition. I think it kind of was bred in us and put us in the position where we are now.”

At the same time, though, Sunday Night Football will be a moment to savor. “It’s great, it’s kind of hard for me to put into words because it’s been a lifelong dream of ours,” Tremaine told local reporters. “Just being on this stage, playing on primetime against my brothers, what more could you ask for? What more could you ask for as a family? We’re excited about going out there and displaying our talents to the world.”

Which brother will come out on top?

Thankfully for the Edmunds brothers, this game should be a close one. Tremaine’s Buffalo Bills squad, however, should narrowly come out on top.

While both clubs boast top-five defenses, the Bills will have a little more to offer on the other side of the ball. Pittsburgh quarterback Devlin Hodges has been an improvement under center, but he’s not going to put the team on his back and carry them to victory at this point in his career. James Conner’s return might make things a little easier, but the Steelers will still be missing JuJu Smith-Schuster. Josh Allen, on the other hand, gives Buffalo big-play ability; if he’s able to get going and avoid any major mistakes, he should give his club a slight edge.

At the end of the night, however, Sunday is about something more than football for the Edmunds family. “It is iconic. It’s spectacular. It’s amazing. It’s a blissful event,” Felicia Edmunds, the matriarch of the clan, explained. “This will be the first time for me that no matter what call the refs make, it will not be a wrong call in my book.”