LeBron James Isn’t Afraid of the Superteam Brooklyn Nets, Excited to Prove the Lakers are Still the NBA’s Best

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LA Lakers forward LeBron James backs down Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets have formed yet another NBA superteam aimed at taking down LeBron James and the LA Lakers, but James couldn’t be less worried about the league’s newest Big 3. James gets his first crack at the new-look Nets this Thursday night, and it’s safe to say the four-time NBA champion believes he already conquered the best superteam the league has ever seen.

The Brooklyn Nets are the newest NBA superteam

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For the last eight years, the Nets have been fringe playoff contenders that could barely make it out of the first round. That all changed in 2019 when Brooklyn surprisingly landed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the same offseason. The NBA is a superstar league, and the Nets now had two of them on the same roster.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Nets added James Harden in 2021 to complete the NBA’s newest superteam. The main goal? To dethrone LeBron James and the Lakers.

This isn’t the first time an NBA contender has formed a superteam to take down James, though, so he isn’t afraid of Brooklyn’s new Big 3.

LeBron James thinks the Warriors superteam was better than the 2021 Nets

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Ahead of the Lakers’ clash against the Nets this Thursday, LeBron James was asked his thoughts about the newest edition of an NBA superteam and how they stack up to the opponents he’s faced in the past.

“Um, have we forgot about KD, Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) already?” James told reporters on Tuesday night. “I mean, there you go. There you go right there.”

James famously defeated the 73-9 Golden State Warriors with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals, and he’s confident he can do the same against this year’s Nets. He’ll get his first crack at Brooklyn’s Big 3 on Thursday night.

James is excited to prove the Lakers are still the NBA’s best

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LeBron James and the Lakers will face off against the Nets Thursday night in one of the most compelling games of the NBA season thus far. Even without Anthony Davis available for the contest, James is eager to prove the NBA title still goes through LA.

“It’s always exciting for me to go against some of the best guys in the game — and they got three of them,” James said. “They got three of the best guys in the game. Definitely would love to be full when you’re playing against a team like that and see, like, at that point in the season, how you match up — how you match up against some of the best teams in the league. And, obviously, we won’t be full on Thursday. But, other than that, yeah, I love going out there and just being out on the floor with some of the best to play this game.”

Get your popcorn ready for this one.