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Deshaun Watson‘s days in Houston seem to be numbered.

The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback has made his intentions clear that he will not play another snap with the Texans after just four seasons with the team. Watson has already garnered multiple trade suitors interested in prying him away from Houston, but which one will he ultimately land with? Hopefully not the Chicago Bears, says famed ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith.

Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston

It’s been a rough calendar year for the Texans. They finished the 2020 NFL season in third place in their division at 4-12. Then, they were forced to waive star defensive end J.J. Watt after he requested his release last week. Now, it looks as if they’ll also have to say goodbye to their franchise QB.

Deshaun Watson formally requested a trade from the Texans shortly after the season ended. He’s remained steadfast in that demand, too. The QB met with Houston’s new head coach, David Culley, last week and reiterated the stance that he won’t be returning to the team.

The Texans are now forced into a difficult corner. They can call Watson’s bluff and keep him around until training camp, or they can trade him this offseason to the highest bidder.

The Bears have emerged as a possible trade destination for Watson, but Stephen A. Smith says he should stay far away from Chicago.

Stephen A. Smith sends a stern warning to Deshaun Watson about the Bears

On Thursday’s edition of First Take on ESPN, Smith used his air time to warn Watson against going to the Bears.

“If you’re Deshaun Watson, you can’t be thinking about going to no damn Chicago. Don’t even think about it!” Smith passionately exclaimed. “He’s got a no-trade clause. He’s got a say in where the hell would you go. It’s too damn cold in Chicago to be going there. Are you crazy? You can’t be Deshaun Watson and go to the Windy City. What’s wrong with y’all?”

Smith went on to speak directly to Watson and hammer home his point. Let’s hope he was watching.

“I happen to know that Deshaun Watson watches me on First Take,” Smith continued. “He watches me on Stephen A.’s World. He sees what I do. Listen, Deshaun Watson. Do not THINK about going to Chicago.”

As for the options Watson should consider, Smith believes the Miami Dolphins would be the best destination for the star QB.

Max Kellerman disagrees with Stephen A. Smith about the Bears


Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson Is Reportedly Willing to Waive His No-Trade Clause to Join 3 Specific Teams

As is the norm on First Take every morning, co-host Max Kellerman took a contrarian viewpoint on Smith’s Bears take. Kellerman said Watson would greatly boost his career resume by winning a Super Bowl in Chicago.

“I think the Bears are actually the best long-term plan,” Kellerman said Thursday. “The Chicago Bears and that fan base are as rabid as any football fan base in the world. And this franchise, the Bears, who have the greatest team of all time in the ’85 Bears, have never gotten quarterback right my entire life. Jay Cutler is probably the third-best quarterback they’ve ever had in my lifetime. Jay Cutler! They’ve never gotten it right, and they’re Super Bowl starved. If you win a Super Bowl in Chicago, oh my God. That’s a huge incentive for Watson, you would think. He could become an icon unlike other players who are playing today if he could become a champion in Chicago.”