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Stephen Curry is inching closer and closer to overtaking Ray Allen as the NBA’s 3-point king. The Golden State Warriors superstar is just seven threes away from breaking the record, and he could be eyeing up a trip to Madison Square Garden as the perfect venue to make NBA history and embarrass the struggling New York Knicks in the process.

Stephen Curry is just seven 3-pointers away from history

Stephen Curry wants to humiliate the Knicks in their own house.
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors looks on during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Every NBA fan has their eyes on Curry right now. The future Hall of Famer is already considered the greatest shooter to ever live, but he’s about to make that title official when he passes Allen to become the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made.

After making just three threes against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night, Curry has now made 2,967 in his illustrious career. That puts him only six behind Allen’s all-time record of 2,973.

Of course, Curry could make seven threes in his sleep. He could easily break Allen’s record on Monday night in Golden State’s next game against the Indiana Pacers, but he should hold off for one more night and attempt to make history at the “Mecca of Basketball.”

Curry could break the 3-point record at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks

With Curry just seven 3-pointers away from becoming the NBA’s all-time leader, he could easily break the record on Monday night against the Pacers. But what fun would that be? Indiana has no juice as a franchise right now, and the team is about to trade all of its best players to kickstart a rebuild.

But breaking the record at The Garden? Now that’s fun.

When asked after the Warriors’ loss against the 76ers whether he might consider sitting against the Pacers in order to break the record against the Knicks, Curry sounded open to the idea.

“You have things that you’re doing regular maintenance on, and understanding where we are throughout the season,” Curry told reporters on Saturday night. “So we’ll make the right decision accordingly.”

The right decision, of course, would be to make history inside the most famous arena in sports.

A chance to make more MSG history

If Curry isn’t going to break the 3-point record in front of his home crowd, the next best option would be to do it at Madison Square Garden. Back in 2013, Curry electrified the New York City crowd with 54 points on 11-of-13 from beyond the arc, and he has another chance to make history at The Garden on Tuesday night.

Curry has always had a flair for the dramatic throughout his NBA career, and there’s no better place to etch his name in the NBA record books than the “Mecca.”

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