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The future looked so bright for Laremy Tunsil that he ditched his final year at Ole Miss to try his luck as an NFL player in the 2016 draft. He had every right to be confident as mock drafts billed him as the No. 1 draft pick. Football analyst Lance Zierlein even projected that he’ll “be one of the best left tackles within three years.” 

Ten minutes before the draft, a video was released of Tunsil in a gas mask smoking something. Despite this, some teams needed his services. Luckily, the Miami Dolphins took the gamble. Now an NFL veteran, Tunsil knows the difference between right and wrong, although sometimes he still bends the rules a bit.

Laremy Tunsil’s NFL career

It turns out Zierlein wasn’t far off the mark, as seen in an report. Tunsil’s career has turned out to be as remarkable as those 10 minutes during the draft, which SB Nation says lost him close to 12 million. His career has been on an upward trajectory. Nothing highlights this more than the impact he had at the Houston Texans this past season.  

The Texans took the gamble by trading him to fill the Duane Brown sized-hole at left tackle since they traded him to the Seahawks in 2017. The Texans made a massive gamble by trading not one but two first-round picks and a second-round pick to the Dolphins for some players, the best of whom was Tunsil. Boy, has he delivered? 

As the Ringer notes, the Texans had tried four left tackles since 2015, without counting back-ups or temps. Tunsil stepped up, and the result? A stabilized offensive line, the Texans reached the playoffs, and he made the Pro Bowl. His performances convinced the Texans to extend his contract, making him the highest-paid lineman in the NFL.  

10 things Tunsil can’t live without

Off the field, Tunsil has always had this simple guy vibe about him, but he did spring a few surprises during a recent interview with GQ Sports.

His number one must-have-thing is cologne; Acqua Di Gio and Bleu by Chanel make the cut, with “Bleu the statement” piece. Hand sanitizer shows up, not surprising considering the pandemic. What’s more, it’s his mom’s sanitizer. 

Something that saves your life would probably make your Top-10 list, right? Tunsil is no different as he reveals Pocari Sweat water, a Japanese drink that “pretty much saved my life” the one time he was cramping so badly during an intense workout. 

Vaseline pops up; he uses it for anything — on the head, face, as lotion, but it “has to be the cocoa butter” though. His mum also makes seasoning. Since he loves the seasoning, he carries it everywhere he goes even in restaurants. Tunsil calls it “Ma Duke seasoning.” 

Next came up the gorgeous Richard Mille watch, it’s his first, with the white and red his favorite. There is also the Baguette choker that he got from the same supplier as the watch. To finish the look, he got plenty of baseball caps, the Supreme corduroy hat his fashion statement.

Who knew something good could come out of the pandemic? Tunsil is a man of many talents as he learned how to play the Nord Stage 3 piano during the lockdown.

Laremy Tunsil‘s bad game-day habit

Laremy Tunsil of the Houston Texans celebrates a 54-yard touchdown reception
Laremy Tunsil of the Houston Texans celebrates a touchdown | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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It’s safe to say he is a chewing gum enthusiast; his favorite brand is Big Red. His grandma introduced him to the brand to stop him from sleeping in church. Since hygiene is a big deal for him, he fell in love with Big Red. 

It has since become a bad game-day habit; every time he goes to the sidelines, he spits one out and sticks another piece in for the next drive. Doubly worse is he uses “the Big Red as a mouthpiece — don’t tell the trainers.”