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Tom Brady impressed the sports world Sunday when he holed out an approach shot during The Match: Champions for Charity. On the 7th hole, Brady hit his fourth shot from the fairway and spun it back into the hole for the unconventional birdie. After sending the entire Internet into a frenzy, however, Brady ripped his pants reaching to grab the ball out of the cup. TNT caught the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction live on air, turning Brady’s great triumph into an embarrassing blunder.

Tom Brady struggled to start The Match and was roasted on the Internet

Before Tom Brady’s incredible hole out, he was struggling mightily to start the match. Brady hit multiple tee shots out of bounds in the first six holes of the competition, and the Internet let him have it.

Brady put his partner, Phil Mickelson, into an early hole with his poor play to start. The duo went down three holes early as Brady continued to spray drives into the trees. It was looking as if Brady was on his way to an embarrassing performance, but he turned it all around on the 7th hole.

After another bad drive and a few hacks out of the trees, Brady got back in play to set up his fourth shot on the par-5. Incredibly, he holed the shot from over 100 yards out. It was the best moment of The Match to that point by far, but Brady one-upped himself in an embarrassing way minutes later.

Tom Brady ripped his pants while reaching for the ball

Walking up to the hole after a hole-out is one of the best feelings a golfer can experience. It’s extremely rare to make a shot from over 100 yards away, so Brady was pumped about his game-changing shot.

So pumped, in fact, that his pants couldn’t even hold on when he reached to grab his ball out of the hole. As Brady bent down to grab the ball with his left hand, his pants split in the back right in front of the TV cameras.

It was a hilariously embarrassing moment for the man who never gets laughed at. Brady had to slip on a pair of rain pants to cover the hole, but he laughed it off and had some fun on Twitter afterward.

Brady’s back 9 charge wasn’t enough to catch Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning


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After Brady’s slow start, he started to turn it on after the hole out on the 7th hole. He started to hit the ball off the tee much straighter and his short game impressed the two pros.

Brady and Mickelson even made an alternate shot eagle as they mounted their comeback. The duo got all the way back to one down with two holes to play, but they couldn’t catch Woods and Manning in the end.

Brady bounced back from his ripped pants better than anyone ever could. Millions of people saw his wardrobe malfunction, but it never even fazed the future Hall of Famer.