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Many MMA pundits consider Daniel Cormier the best mixed martial arts fighter of all time with a 22-1-2 record. He once held both the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight title belts simultaneously. He’s trying to reclaim the heavyweight title this weekend at UFC 252 in the final match of the trilogy with Stipe Miocic. In his 11-year MMA career, Cormier has earned a small fortune. What is Daniel Cormier’s net worth?

Daniel Cormier is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time

Daniel Cormier started his career in 2009 fighting for Strikeforce where he accumulated win after win and by 2012 was the heavyweight champion. Cormier had an 11-0 record with Strikeforce when he transitioned over to the UFC, his first fight in April 2013. 

Cormier won his first four fights in the UFC. In the fifth, he challenged Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title. It was a fierce back-and-forth battle that went the distance with Jones winning by unanimous decision. Jones, however, had to relinquish his title after he was suspended for a hit-and-run traffic accident. 

Cormier won the vacant light heavyweight title and defended the title multiple times. In 2018, Cormier added the heavyweight title and defended it. In doing so, he became the first-ever fighter to win and defend both the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles.

Cormier last fought in August 2019, where he lost his heavyweight title belt in four rounds via TKO to Stipe Miocic. 

Daniel Cormier and Joe Rogan have a unique relationship

When Daniel Cormier isn’t inside the octagon, he’s just outside of it calling the action of the biggest UFC fights. Cormier teams up with Joe Rogan to provide analysis and commentary and the two work well together seamlessly discussing the action.

Cormier and Rogan have a good relationship as a broadcast team, but they had their odd moment together back in 2017 when Cormier had just lost to Jon Jones in a third-round knockout that was later overturned. Moments after the fight, Rogan interviewed Cormier who had suffered a concussion. 

On the verge of tears throughout the entirety of the 45-second interview, Rogan asked him how the fight went and Cormier couldn’t recall except getting kicked in the head. When Rogan inquired about the rivalry with Jones, a defeated Cormier responded, “I don’t know man. I guess if you win both fights there is no rivalry.”

Rogan later apologized on social media for breaking his own rule of interviewing losing fighters after they have been knocked out. “I don’t think I realized what I was doing until I actually had a mic in front of him,” Rogan recalled later. 

What is Daniel Cormier’s net worth?

In Daniel Cormier’s time with Strikeforce, he earned over $300,000 in four years. When Cormier transitioned to the UFC, the pay dramatically increased. His first fight, a victory over Frank Mir, Cormier brought home $126,000. 

Since that first UFC fight, Cormier now earns over $500,000 per fight, his last payday, coming in August 2019, which was $540,000. Over his career, Cormier has earned just over $6.05 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cormier has a net worth of $6 million. 

Despite not having fought in almost a year, Cormier is considered the No. 6-ranked fighter in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings and No. 1 in the UFC heavyweight rankings.


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