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Bryson DeChambeau has been the talk of the golf world ever since he put on 40 pounds of muscle and started to drive his golf ball a country mile. The beefy bomber finished the 2020 PGA Tour season as the longest hitter in the history of professional golf, and he’s just getting started.

DeChambeau has unleashed some monster drives over the past year, but what is the farthest he’s ever hit a golf ball during a PGA Tour event?

Bryson DeChambeau had a record-setting year with his driver

Bryson DeChambeau has always been an experimental player. The ‘Mad Scientist’ tests the limits of golf with his unique equipment, stiff putting stroke, and mathematical approach to the game.

DeChambeau’s latest venture was a more simple one. ‘What if I just hit it farther than anyone in the world?’ he asked himself. So, he transformed his body to increase his swing speed, and now he’s hitting the ball longer than anyone in golf history.

DeChambeau led the PGA Tour in driving distance last season with a 322.1-yard average. That mark is the highest in PGA Tour history over the course of a full season.

Somehow, he’s only gotten longer since then. Through two events this PGA Tour season, DeChambeau is averaging 344.4 yards per drive, which is nearly 13 yards longer than the next closest player.

His newfound length has morphed him into one of the most dominant golfers on Tour.

What’s the longest drive DeChambeau has ever hit?

DeChambeau has a plethora of 400-yard drives to his name. After all, his AVERAGE this season is 344.4 yards per drive.

During some Masters warmups earlier this week, DeChambeau pumped a drive that carried 368 yards in the air on the practice range. He achieved a swing speed of 201 miles per hour on the swing, which is an unheard-of number.

But what about in a PGA Tour event? During the 2020 Travelers Championship in June, DeChambeau unleashed a 428-yard drive on the par-4 10th hole. He did get a little help from the cart path on the shot, but 428 is still 428.

DeChambeau is prepared to ‘break’ The Masters

DeChambeau enters the 2020 Masters Tournament as the odds-on favorite to win at 7/1, and for a good reason. He won the U.S. Open two months ago, and Augusta National provides an even better opportunity for him to dominate the field.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus is eager to see what DeChambeau can do at The Masters this year. He even had a bold prediction for the big hitter heading into the weekend.

“He could drive the 1st green,” Nicklaus told “If it’s firm, he could drive the 1st green. Under the right conditions… I haven’t seen him in person hit a golf ball except on television at the U.S. Open, and of course at the Memorial tournament. He hit in some places I couldn’t believe. He was 27 yards from the 1st green at the Memorial tournament. I mean — come on. That hole is 470, something like that. If he could do that, he can drive the 1st green.”

All eyes will be on DeChambeau this weekend as he attempts to do what no one else has accomplished in the history of golf — break Augusta National.

All stats courtesy of PGA Tour


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