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Frustration got the best of Patrick Beverley during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Clippers guard was embarrassed by Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns and then pulled the ultimate cowardly move. He shoved Paul from behind as the Sund guard was walking toward his bench. Beverley’s actions earned him a well-deserved ejection, but it’s Paul’s teammate, Frank Kaminsky, who really took a beating.

Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul from behind during Game 6 loss

Beverley is a competitor. He plays hard, and frustration clearly took over when he realized his season was over. He and his Clippers were embarrassed at home by Paul and the Suns. The game was already out of hand but Paul drilled a 3-pointer with less than six minutes remaining to put the Suns in front by 26 points. As the teams were headed to their respective benches for a timeout, Beverley went into coward mode.

The Clippers guard walked toward the Suns’ bench and shoved Paul from behind. Beverley was immediately ejected as Paul remained on the ground for a moment. Paul then got up, smiled, and cheered before heading to the line to make the technical free throw.

Paul frustrated Beverley all night, pouring in 41 points and dishing out eight assists in earning the first NBA Finals appearance of his career. Beverley was animated all game. He committed a hard foul on center Deandre Ayton when he wound up from behind and hit both the ball and his head as Ayton was going in for a layup. Ayton remained on the ground for some time. The play was reviewed and was deemed a common foul.

After Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul, Suns reserve Frank Kaminsky took a beating on social media

The Beverley/Paul incident was restored quickly, but there have been lingering effects. Just ask Kaminsky. While the pushing and shoving has died down, Kaminsky has taken tons of abuse for not stepping up and defending his teammate.

When Beverley and Paul crossed paths on the way to their benches, Paul didn’t appear to say a word to Beverley, who turned around and shoved Paul right in front of the 7-foot Kaminsky. Kaminsky later turned out to be the target of many social media jabs that stated he wasn’t a great teammate for not jumping in and taking care of Beverley.

“I was rooting for the Clippers but Frank Kaminsky should of KO’ed Pat Beverley right there if he was a good teammate,” one Twitter user wrote. Another one added, “Remind me to never ask Frank Kaminsky to have my back in a fight.”

The posts about Kaminsky’s lack of involvement continued through the night. Many made fun of his lack of bodyguard skills. For a guy who never got into the game and wasn’t a part of the fight, Kaminsky sure took a beating.

Frank Kaminsky got the last laugh

Beverley shoved Paul from behind and was whisked away by teammates. The Suns, including Kaminsky, didn’t fall for Beverley’s cowardly move. They were moving on to the NBA Finals. Beverley and the Clippers were going home early once again.

What should Kaminsky have done? Throw Beverley to the ground? Why risk a suspension for himself or any of his teammates? It was a weak move by Beverley, and his teammates wound up taking him away from the scene. Kaminsky offered a weak shove of Beverley before he was taken away. There was nothing else for him to do. Had he gone in and pummeled the Clippers guard, suspensions and distractions would have followed the Suns and taken away their special moment.

Kaminsky took the social media beating, but he didn’t appear to mind. Neither did many Suns fans, who cheered on Kaminsky as he chugged down beers during the Suns’ late-night celebration.


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