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Andy Reid knows a thing or two about good quarterback play.

Over the course of his NFL coaching career, Reid has spent time with Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, and Patrick Mahomes, among others. One is a Hall of Famer, and the other two have a chance to get there one day. There’s no doubt Reid played a part in Favre and McNabb’s rise to greatness, and he’s doing the same with Mahomes in Kansas City.

After the Chiefs’ comeback win against the Chargers on Sunday, Reid had high praise for his generational QB.

Andy Reid coached Brett Favre with the Green Bay Packers

Reid is most well known for his time in Philadelphia and now in Kansas City, but did you know he coached Favre in Green Bay before that? That’s right, Reid actually got his NFL coaching start with the Packers in 1992 under Mike Holmgren.

Reid spent four seasons coaching the tight ends and the offensive line in Green Bay. In 1996, he took over as the quarterback coach and worked with Favre for two years.

Under Reid, Favre led the Packers to two straight Super Bowl appearances and one title. He won the NFL MVP award in both 1996 and 1997 while Reid ran the quarterback room.

Reid earned his first head job with the Eagles in 1999, and the rest is history.

The Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes to be Reid’s next Favre

In 2017, the Chiefs selected Mahomes with the 10th pick of the NFL draft. He immediately garnered Favre comparisons as a free-wheeling wild card of a quarterback who could turn broken plays into big gains.

Reid finally had his next Favre.

Some questioned the pick with Alex Smith sitting firmly as the Kansas City starter and Deshaun Watson still on the board, but no one’s questioning it now. Mahomes has quickly risen to arguably the best player in the entire NFL, and he just won Reid his first-ever Super Bowl title.

Mahomes makes plays every Sunday that make fans’ jaws drop. As much as Reid has seen in the NFL over his career, even he is shocked to see some of the things Mahomes can pull out of a hat on the field.

Reid praises Mahomes’ recent performance by comparing it to Favre

In the Chiefs’ comeback win against the Chargers on Sunday, Mahomes made a throw in the fourth quarter that only a handful of QBs in NFL history could’ve pulled off. One of them is Brett Favre, and Reid saw a little bit of him in Mahomes during that play.

Reid went on SiriusXM NFL Radio and compared the play to Favre in his prime.

They think alike when that football’s in their hand. It’s the same thought process. They both have phenomenal vision, like fighter pilot vision. They see everything. And then they’re going to rip your heart out. Every throw they’re going to gut you.

Andy Reid

Reid doesn’t toss around Favre comparisons lightly, so that just goes to show how special he thinks Mahomes is already.