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Mo Gaba was a sports icon in Baltimore. He was a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. Gaba, 14, was inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame in July and then later died that night. Gaba served as an inspiration for others during his battle with cancer. On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens made sure he was at their game by honoring him with a touching tribute.

Mo Gaba’s inspirational story

Mo Gaba was diagnosed with cancer when he was nine months old. At that age, he also lost his vision. An avid Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens fan, Gaba became a well-known figure in the Baltimore area and was also an inspiration as he fought his battle with cancer.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Gaba’s cancer returned for the fifth time in June. Despite the diagnosis, Gaba always remained upbeat and was always cheering for his hometown teams. Gaba especially loved the Orioles and the Ravens, and they loved him back.

Gaba once drew up a play that went for a touchdown at a Ravens practice. He became the first person to ever announce an NFL draft pick in Braille. His laugh was infectious, and he was a pleasure to be around.

Mo Gaba was inducted into the Orioles’ Hall of Fame

On Tuesday, July 28, Mo Gaba was inducted into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame. He was the second recipient of The Wild Bill Hagy Award. The awards is given to “fans who have inspired others with their devotion to the team, and demonstrated an exceptional commitment in support of the Orioles,” according to The Baltimore Sun.

“Mo’s positive energy has been constant throughout every battle and continues to bring the entire city of Baltimore together in the face of ongoing crisis,” the Orioles said in a statement. “His unwavering positivity and kindness are qualities every Baltimorean aspires to emulate. Mo Gaba has impacted more people in his 14 years than most people do in an entire lifetime, and the Orioles are honored to forever celebrate him as a member of the Orioles Hall of Fame.”

Later that night, Mo Gaba died. The Orioles and Ravens team accounts paid their condolences via social media. Many other players also did as well. Gaba and Orioles outfielder Trey Mancini developed a strong bond. On Twitter, Mancini wrote, “Your kindness, bravery, and positivity has left a lasting impact on all of us who were lucky enough to have met you. You have truly made this world a better place. We love you, Mo.”

Baltimore Ravens honored Mo Gaba at Sunday’s game

If you happened to tune in to the Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens game last Sunday, you may have seen hundreds of cardboard cutouts in the end zone. In section 146 of M&T Stadium were 576 cutouts – 575 of them were of Ravens superfan Mo Gaba, and the other was of Mo’s mother, Sonsy.

Section 146 was labeled “Mo’s Rows” and multiple cutouts of his smiling face were placed throughout the section. In a video posted by the Baltimore Ravens, Sonsy Gaba said her son was genuine and she stressed how proud she was of him.

“It’s just hard to believe that my son left behind a legacy and just him being himself,” Gaba said in the video. “He did nothing out of the ordinary and what he did in 14 years of his life, like, I can’t help but be proud of him.”


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