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It probably won’t ever be revealed what truly led to Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots after 20 years with the team. Were there some behind-the-scenes issues between Brady and head coach Bill Belichick? Was there a power struggle between the two? Whatever the case, Belichick and Brady seemingly have one other difference of opinion that recently came up.

Is Tom Brady the GOAT in the NFL?

Quarterback Tom Brady is often referred to as the GOAT in the NFL. It’s tough to define GOAT, but Brady is always in the mix, usually at the top of the conversation. He’s certainly not the most talented guy to ever play quarterback, but he has definitely built the greatest resume in the history of the sport.

Does that make him the greatest of all time? If GOAT status is based on wins, yes. If it’s based on talent, no. The debate can go on forever. What’s not debatable is the success he’s had in the NFL that led to the greatest resume of all time. Brady never had the strongest arm. His mobility was feeble at best. Brady just won and his teams won a lot.

Brady owns six rings as a starting quarterback with the New England Patriots. So does Bill Belichick. How much of an influence did Belichick have on Brady? It’s definitely an interesting topic that can be argued forever. The two broke up and maybe some more light will be shed on the debate.

Brady takes Rob Gronkowski with him to Tampa Bay

Soon after Tom Brady announced he was leaving the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he received some good news. His former tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to come out of retirement. The Buccaneers were able to pull off a trade with the Patriots to reunite the Pro Bowl tight end with Brady.

Gronkowski is coming off his biggest game as a Buccaneer after catching five passes for 78 yards and a touchdown in a blowout win over the Green Bay Packers. Gronkowski now has 92 touchdowns in his career, playoffs included. Brady has often referred to Gronkowski as the GOAT among tight ends.

When Gronk retired, Brady posted on Instagram, “Love you man (goat emoji). Couldn’t be a better person or teammate!” Brady reiterated the GOAT status of Gronk on Monday night when Jim Gray asked Brady if he considered Gronkowski the GOAT among tight ends. Brady said he did.

Bill Belichick may disagree with Brady’s GOAT opinion

While Tom Brady says Rob Gronkowski is the greatest among tight ends, Bill Belichick heaped tons of praise on another one. With the New England Patriots scheduled to face the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, Belichick had an interesting comment about George Kittle. Belichick said Kittle is “as good as anybody that I’ve coached.”

“He does everything well,” Belichick said of Kittle, according to “I’d put him right at the top of the league there, period. His ability to run, catch, get open, after the catch, block, he does everything at a high level. He’s as good as anybody that I’ve coached or as good as anybody that we’ve played against.”

Belichick isn’t usually a guy loaded with compliments, but he just gushed over Kittle. “If you pay too much attention to him, he creates opportunities for some of their other outstanding players,” Belichick said. “I don’t think there’s a tight end in the league, and we’ve seen a lot of good ones and had a lot of good ones, but I don’t think there’s anybody in the league that does everything overall as well as he does.”


Should Tom Brady Really be Considered the GOAT?