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Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has made some outrageous statements over the years. Demanding reporters stop calling him “Chad” and only refer to him as “Ochocinco” is just one example.

While Johnson no longer catches passes on Sundays, that doesn’t stop him from continuing to make attention-grabbing quotes. The flamboyant wideout recently shared some thoughts on the upcoming NFL season, and both he and a famous friend made some eye-opening predictions.

Johnson is high on his former team’s chances in 2021

Chad Johnson | Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Johnson joined B/R Betting on Twitter to make some predictions about the 2021 NFL season in regard to future bets. One of the former Bengals’ biggest calls was that the team he once started at receiver for would have a solid year and outperform their season win total over/under.

The six-time Pro Bowler reasoned that the LSU connection the Bengals put together for their injured passer, Joe Burrow would drive this success:

Knowing Burrow, who had one of his best seasons at LSU before he left, with who? Ja’Marr Chase. Bengals gonna have over eight wins. Book it.

This connection is what Cincinnati is banking on as well. Hopefully, the organization’s franchise quarterback can come back effectively from knee surgery and rediscover his potent connection with his former college target, Chase. In that case, the Bengals may be able to build something special on the offensive side of the ball.  

Johnson called his buddy Terrell Owens to weigh on one of his former teams, the Dallas Cowboys

Johnson wasn’t the only former diva wide receiver that made some shocking predictions about his former team during this appearance. While puffing on a cigar, Johnson video chatted on his phone with ex-Dallas Cowboy and Philadelphia Eagle receiver Terrell Owens.

When asked if the Cowboys would make the playoffs, Owens responded in the affirmative. However, when Johnson continued the line of questioning and asked if the Cowboys would win the NFC East, Owens quickly and decisively answered no.

While Johnson seemed shocked, Owens explained that he believed Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts would lead the Eagles to the top of the division. Johnson pressed Owens, asking if Hurts having to compete for the starting job meant that the Eagles organization didn’t have faith in the former Crimson Tide quarterback. Owens simply replied, “I have faith in him.”

Not showering may not be the hardest thing Johnson has to do if he’s wrong

The NFL futures that Johnson was most sure of are the ones that came with the most outlandish guarantees. The first of these wild claims centers around Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The two-time All-Pro believes Mahomes will win the 2021 NFL MVP Award.

The 6’1″ pass catcher went so far as to say he wouldn’t shower for two months if Mahomes doesn’t take home the hardware.

He might be even more confident with his pick of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl. Johnson offered to forgo something incredibly near and dear to his heart for his guarantee on this prognostication.

The former Oregon State player once famously claimed that he ate McDonald’s every day. He even went so far as to credit the fast food for his lack of injuries during his playing career. So convinced is Johnson about the Buccaneers’ chances that he vowed to give up eating at his favorite burger chain if Tom Brady and company don’t repeat as champs.

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