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Technically, it’s still racing. Danica Patrick admitted her bucket list is quite short. In fact, last month, the motorsports pioneer for women revealed she only had one item on that list. Ever the competitor, Patrick is a few months away from racing again and completing her goal.

Danica Patrick learned some valuable lessons through racing

Although Patrick wasn’t successful on the race track as far as wins go, she helped pave the way for women in the sport. She also helped bring attention to motorsports by becoming a role model for women and children. From 2005-10, Patrick was voted the IndyCar Series Most Popular Driver. She is credited for helping break the gender barrier in racing.

While she also helped increase television ratings in the sport, she learned some valuable lessons herself. One of those came during the 2005 Indianapolis 500 when she had a chance to win.

 “I had a decision whether or not to save enough fuel to finish the race — which meant slowing down — or going all-out for the win,” Patrick told Forbes in 2017. “I went conservative and saved enough fuel to go to the end but finished fourth. 

 “Another year, I was in a similar situation. I could stay out in the lead and go as far as I could — what I did — hoping a yellow flag came out, which would slow the field and allow me to save fuel. Unfortunately, it didn’t and eventually, I had to pit, but I did lead 10 laps near the end of the race. And you know what? I was in a position to win this time, and that’s the lesson.

 “Take those chances and you can achieve greatness, whereas if you go conservative, you’ll never know. I truly believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Even if you fail, learning and moving on is sometimes the best thing.”

Danica Patrick set to run the Boston Marathon

In theory, Patrick still hasn’t given up racing. Last month, she made an announcement on Instagram that she would soon be crossing off that one item on her bucket list.

That item? Running a marathon. Not only will she be running any old marathon, but she’ll be competing in the Boston Marathon on Oct. 11.

“I have only ever had one bucket list item. 1!,” she wrote. “That is to do a marathon. So, why not do the most famous and apparently hardest one…. Boston.”

Patrick will be running to raise money for The Light Foundation. The foundation was founded by Matt Light, who spent 11 seasons as an offensive tackle with the New England Patriots. Patrick will serve as an honorary team captain for Team Speed of Light.

This will be Patrick’s first time ever running a marathon

Whether it’s racing IndyCar or NASCAR, Patrick has always been up for a challenge. Running the Boston Marathon just might be her biggest one yet.

Usually run in mid-April, the Boston Marathon was moved to Oct. 11, 2021, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the event was canceled altogether after it had been pushed back to September. This will be the 125th year of the event. Patrick made an announcement on

“It’s no secret that I love a tough challenge,” she wrote. “On Oct 11th, I’m taking part in the 125th Boston Marathon!! It’s true, I’m running 26.2 miles! I’ve never ran a marathon, so why not do the most historic and iconic one first. I’ll be hitting the streets of Boston in support of The Light Foundation as the Honorary Captain of “Team Speed of Light”. This organization is incredible and truly inspires children to work hard to be champions in the game of life!”

“I really identify with its mission of taking young people out of their everyday environments and providing them with unique opportunities that ignite their passion, purpose, and motivation to succeed. Can’t wait to join my fellow runners for the race of a lifetime.”

When Oct. 12 rolls around, Patrick will have to update that empty bucket list.


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