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NBA players are constantly drinking Gatorade, BodyArmor, or other popular sports drinks on the sidelines during games, but you’ve probably never seen anyone drinking Real Nutrition. Well, you might soon. Giannis Antetokounmpo recently invested in the sports nutrition start-up. He joins Aaron Donald as the only other part-owner of Ready Nutrition. So, why did one of the NBA’s brightest stars choose this lesser-known company instead of the sports drink giants?

What is Ready Nutrition?

Ready Nutrition is a sports nutrition start-up that produces everything from protein water to energy drinks. It also makes protein bars, powders, and various snacks. All of its products are all-natural and organic.

Pat Cavanaugh, Ready Nutrition’s founder, started the company in 2012. Cavanaugh walked on to the football and basketball teams at Pittsburgh while he was in college. He was always told he would never amount to anything in athletics because of his size, but he proved everyone wrong.

Now, he’s doing the same with sports nutrition. Instead of joining the Gatorades and BodyArmors of the world, Cavanaugh is making his own mark on the space with Ready Nutrition.

Ready Nutrition is due to make over $100 million in revenue this year. That number will only inflate with Antetokounmpo now on board.

Giannis Antetokounmpo just became a part-owner of Ready Nutrition

Giannis Antetokounmpo is joining Ready Nutrition as a part-owner. Antetokounmpo and Aaron Donald are the only two investors in the company, but it’s hard to find two superstars bigger in each sport.

“This is not an endorsement deal,” Antetokounmpo told CNBC. “Obviously, I can help the brand and go out there and sell it to everybody, but this is not what this is. … this is a company I really believe in. I could go with Gatorade, I could go with BodyArmor, but at the end of the day Ready was the right fit for me”

According to CNBC, Antetokounpo invested somewhere in the six-figure range. He’s adding to his investment portfolio that already includes Nike, Budweiser, T-Mobile, and Disney. Antetokounmpo also has his own signature shoe line.

How will Antetokounmpo help Ready Nutrition grow?

Giannis Antetokounmpo already has his initial plans for Ready Nutrition mapped out. His first project will be to supply Milwaukee public schools with 34,000 bottles of Ready Nutrition’s water product and 34,000 protein bars.

The company has agreed to match Antetokounmpo’s donation with 34,000 bottles of water to healthcare workers in the Milwaukee area.

Although Antetokounmpo stated this isn’t an endorsement deal, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him drinking a Ready Nutrition protein shake after a game when the NBA returns.

With his popularity among NBA fans, Antetokounmpo can help Ready Nutrition solidify its place next to the sports nutrition giants like Gatorade and BodyArmor. Antetokounmpo is making his own way in his business life, just like he did in basketball.


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