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Gregg Popovich‘s coaching resume with the San Antonio Spurs speaks for itself. It’s hard to argue with 1,272 wins and five NBA titles. Popovich also owns one of the greatest records in NBA coaching history. Even when he’s given rosters lacking in talent, Popovich can get the best out of it like no one else can. Pop’s incredible success on the court has translated to equally impressive success in his bank account. His Hall-of-Fame resume led to a massive net worth that’s only climbing today.

Gregg Popovich’s coaching career

Popovich has a serious case to be considered the greatest head coach in NBA history. His five NBA titles might be his most impressive accomplishment, but the sustained excellence he built in San Antonio is second to none.

Over 24 seasons at the helm, Popovich has won 1,272 games with the Spurs. He holds a 67.6 winning percentage, which is the second-best in NBA history among coaches who served more than eight years. Phil Jackson is the only name ahead of his in that respect.

Popovich built the Spurs into the No. 1 dynasty in the NBA during the 2000s. He led San Antonio to four NBA Finals appearances from 1999-2007, and they took home the title each time.

Popovich’s 5-1 record in the Finals is unmatched. If not for Ray Allen’s miracle shot in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, Popovich would be a perfect 6-0.

Gregg Popovich is the highest-paid coach in the NBA today

For all of Popovich’s massive success with the Spurs, he deserved a hefty payday. That’s exactly what he got in 2019. Before the season started, Popovich and the Spurs agreed to a three-year extension that made him the highest-paid head coach in the NBA.

Popovich currently makes $11 million per year as the head coach and president of the Spurs. Doc Rivers is the closest to Popovich in salary, as the Clippers’ head coach makes $10 million per year.

Over his entire career, Popovich has earned tens of millions of dollars in San Antonio. He doesn’t mind spending it, either. During the peak of the Spurs dynasty, Popovich spent over $1 million per year on team dinners and team bonding events.

He’s also an incredibly charitable figure in the sports world. Popovich routinely gives thousand-dollar tips at restaurants and supports multiple charitable organizations.

What is Gregg Popovich’s net worth?

Gregg Popovich isn’t just one of the most successful coaches in NBA history. He’s also one of the richest.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Popovich’s net worth stands at a whopping $30 million. In just year one of his three-year contract extension, Popovich is still owed over $20 million from the Spurs. His net worth will only explode even higher in the coming years.

Popovich’s time in the NBA is surely limited, but at least his financial success has set him up for a healthy retirement.

All stats courtesy of Basketball Reference