Tim Duncan started out as a swimmer before beginning his basketball career.

Tim Duncan Turned a Fear of Sharks Into a $242 Million NBA Career

When you think of former San Antonio Spurs big man Tim Duncan, certain words probably spring to mind. Maybe you associate him with winning; alternatively, you could remember his famous bank shot as either boring or fundamentally sound. In all likelihood, however, you probably wouldn’t call him scared. Even Tim Duncan is human, though. In …

Dennis Rodman gave some insight into the science of rebounding on The Last Dance. He is proving that he should be an NBA coach.

Dennis Rodman Has Proved That He Should Be an NBA Coach

While we all watch The Last Dance together, we are all getting reminded of how great of a rebounder and defender Dennis Rodman was during his playing career. When looking over the history of the entire NBA, he might be the best rebounder and defender of all-time. While he certainly has a pretty crazy personality, …