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As a veteran All-Pro offensive lineman and a hilarious individual, it’s no surprise Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce likes to trash talk. The 12-year veteran has had his share of verbal dust-ups with defenders all around the league, but one young Miami Dolphins defender, Jaelan Phillips, had the perfect insult to shut Kelce’s trash-talk game down.

Dolphins DE Jaelan Phillips shut Jason Kelce up with one word

On his New Heights podcast with his NFL All-Pro brother, Travis Kelce, Eagles center Jason Kelce discussed his love of a good trash-talk zinger on the field. Surely he loves dishing them out, but he also respects when he hears a good one back.

“There’s something about a good insult,” Jason started. “Where it’s like you can’t even get mad at it because it’s just great.”

With that, Travis goaded Jason into sharing a perfect example of this from when the Eagles faced the Dolphins in a joint training camp practice session.  

“[Dolphins DT Christian] Wilkins was talking trash just in the practice,” Jason explained. “And then I started yapping at him, which, pretty big party foul by me because I wasn’t able to practice. So I’m over here yelling, and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Jaelen Phillips says, “Shut up eyebrows. You ain’t even practicing.”

As the center mentioned, he loves a good burn, and this one from the former Miami Hurricane pass-rusher was top-notch. “Dude, this mother***** just called me eyebrows?” Jason remembered thinking. “I can’t even come back from that.”

Why Week 8 is important to the Eagles

(L-R) Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Miami Dolphins DE Jaelan Phillips.
(L-R) Jason Kelce, Jaelan Phillips | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images; Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Eagles come into Week 8 as the team with the best record in the NFL at 6-0. Coming off a bye, the team faces the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have struggled at times this season and are starting a rookie quarterback in Kenny Pickett.  

On paper, the game doesn’t seem like that much of a contest, but because of the bye week aspect for the Eagles, the game could be telling for Jason Kelce and his team’s postseason chances.

As the last undefeated team in the NFL, the Eagles will likely be the No. 1 seed in the conference. Yes, the 6-2 New York Giants and 5-2 Dallas Cowboys are in the Eagles’ division, but Philly looks like the best team on the blue side of the league.

If that’s the case, the Eagles will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs as well.

We’ve seen this bye backfire and kill momentum in the past. Last season, it happened to both No. 1 seeds, with the Tennessee Titans going down to the Cincinnati Bengals in their first playoff game and the Green Bay Packers losing to the San Francisco 49ers in theirs’.

If the Eagles struggle, even a little, early on after a bye in the Steelers game, it could spell trouble for the team down the road. If they blow the doors off Pittsburgh from the jump, that’s a good sign for Philly’s chances in January 2023.

There are not a lot of reasons to look forward to the Eagles vs. Steelers this week, but that is one of them.

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