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Former Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive tackle Jason Peters could be a lock to make the NFL Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done, but he’s still out of a job. Despite making over $100 million in his NFL career, Peters isn’t ready to hang it up yet. He’s recently expressed interest to return to the field in 2020. It goes to show the love of the game is more important than a hefty wallet for some players.

Jason Peters’ NFL career

Jason Peters has played in the NFL for 16 seasons. He’s most known as an all-time great Eagle, but he actually started his career in Buffalo with the Bills.

Peters’ story from his college days to a possible Hall-of-Fame berth is an implausible one. As a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Peters played defensive tackle before switching to tight end. Peters recorded 21 catches for 218 yards and four touchdowns as a junior.

Peters went undrafted in 2004 and was signed by the Bills as a UDFA. As a rookie, Peters made the team and played sparingly on the defensive line. The versatile athlete made the switch to the offensive line in 2005, and his career immediately took off.

After just two years playing offensive tackle, Peters made his first Pro Bowl with the Bills. He made nine straight Pro Bowls after that, including two First-Team All-Pro selections. Peters was traded to the Eagles in 2009, and he quickly became a fan-favorite in Philadelphia. He played 11 seasons in Philly before parting ways with the team this past offseason.

Peters has made over $100 million in the NFL

Who said offensive lineman don’t break the bank? Well, whoever did hasn’t taken a look at Jason Peters’ career earnings. Over his 16-year NFL career, the big man has earned a whopping $111.7 million.

As an undrafted free agent, Peters made less than $500,000 over his first two seasons in the league. His salary finally surpassed $1 million per season in his fourth year in the NFL. That figure took a drastic jump when Peters got traded to the Eagles.

In 2009, made $21.5 million in Philadelphia between his new contract and signing bonus. It’s still the most money he’s made in a single year in the NFL.

Peters has earned the second-most of any offensive lineman in the history of the NFL. Only Joe Thomas and his $122 million career earnings have Peters beat.

Jason Peters remains unemployed despite his incredible career

Peters left the Eagles after the 2019 season to explore other options in his football career, but he hasn’t yet found a home for the 2020 season. He recently put out a video of him working out to show teams he still has the quickness and stamina at 38 to contribute in the NFL.

The Eagles have talked to Peters about returning next season, but the Browns, Bengals, and Broncos have all been linked to the former All-Pro lineman.

Peters has told people close to him that if Tom Brady can play into his 40s, so can he. He started 13 games last season for Philadelphia, and he was effective when he could stay on the field.

Peters has been one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL for over a decade. He deserves another chance to contribute to a team and to overtake Joe Thomas as the highest-earning offensive lineman in NFL history.

All career earnings courtesy of Spotrac