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Kyle Busch is never one to hold back his opinion. It doesn’t matter if it’s another driver, a member of his team, or even NASCAR; the two-time Cup Series champion lets you know what’s on his mind — good, bad, or indifferent. 

This week, before Busch and his fell playoff contenders battle in an elimination race at the Charlotte Roval, the 36-year-old driver shared his thoughts on the track where he hasn’t performed well in the past. Not surprisingly, his amount of enthusiasm matched his limited amount of success.

Kyle Busch rips racing at Charlotte Roval  

The last time the NASCAR Cup Series raced on a road course; it didn’t go well. Turtles, curbs, and red flags marred the day. Multiple cars were destroyed. That August day remains fresh in the mind of Kyle Busch heading into this weekend’s race at the Charlotte Roval. When asked his thoughts about the Roval, Busch didn’t hold back. 

“You’re racing in a parking lot, and it’s really flat and doesn’t have a lot of grip,” Busch told “Goodyear brings the wrong tire there. When you go through Turn 1, how many guys have blown Turn 1 on restarts and crashed? How many guys blow Turn 3 on restarts and crash? I think I’ve been in a Turn 3 accident every single year.

“You go to Road America this year, and I thought it was a good race. Yeah, you had some accidents here or there, but it was a good race. And it’s a true road course. So, I feel like it puts on a better product than going to these parking lots. Look at the s*** show Indy was, right? Yeah, Rovals are awesome.”

Kyle Busch’s past results reveal why he’s not a fan

Kyle Busch’s disdain for the track isn’t without reason. All you have to do is look at his past results. 

In 2018, the Charlotte Roval’s debut, Busch ran in the top-5 with seven laps to go when disaster struck on a restart. Busch, Brad Keselowski, and Kyle Larson all drove too hard through Turn 1 and slammed into the wall. Busch finished 32nd. 

A year later, Busch had another incident in Turn 1 in the race’s final stage and finished 37th, 10 laps off the lead lap. This past year, Busch had a career-best finish at the Roval. He finished a dismal 30th.

With an average finish of 33rd at the Roval, it makes sense that Busch is not necessarily a fan of the track. As for his contempt for the Indianapolis road course run for the first time earlier this year; he finished 20th.    

Found considerable success at other road courses

As Kyle Busch suggested, his dislike of the Charlotte Roval and the Indy road course doesn’t carry over to the traditional road courses like Road America, Watkins Glen, or Sonoma. And as you might have guessed, his opinion of those tracks also matches up quite nicely with his level of success.

Busch finished third at Road America earlier this year. At both Sonoma and Watkins Glen, he has a couple of wins on each track.

Sunday’s race at the Roval in Charlotte is a playoff elimination race, and Busch is on the bubble. Based on his previous performances, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the No. 18 car encounter problems and struggle. If that happens, Busch won’t hesitate in letting everyone know what he thinks.  

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