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While Kawhi Leonard left town for Los Angeles, the Toronto Raptors still have plenty of talent on their roster. Pascal Siakam may steal most of the headlines, but Kyle Lowry is a legitimate talent. The guard is still a bit underrated, but he’s earned plenty of money during his time on the hardwood.

As a 14-year NBA veteran, Kyle Lowery has built up a $55 million net worth. He’s not simply sitting on all that cash, though; in fact, he used a chunk of it to help his alma mater.

Kyle Lowry’s underrated NBA career

When you think of the modern NBA, stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry probably spring to mind. While Kyle Lowery might not have the same name-recognition as those players, he’s had a pretty impressive career.

Lowry grew up in Philadelphia and, when it came time for college, stayed close to home. He enrolled at Villanova and spent two seasons with the Wildcats; after making a name for himself in the Big East, he made the jump to the professional ranks.

The guard entered into the 2006 NBA draft and joined the Memphis Grizzlies as the 24th-overall pick. His professional career, however, didn’t get off to the brightest start. Lowry only played 10 games as a rookie before breaking his wrist; when he returned to action, he couldn’t claim the starting job.

In February 2009, Lowry joined the Houston Rockets; there, he established himself as a legitimate point guard, capable of running an NBA offense. A 2012 trade then brought him to the Toronto Raptors.

While Lowry might not get the hype of other NBA stars, he’s still put together quite the resume. Over the course of his 14 professional seasons, the guard has averaged 14.7 points, 6.2 assists, and 1.4 steals per outing; he’s a knock-down shooter, a tough defender, and, as of last year, an NBA champion.

Making more than $160 million in the NBA

If you asked a casual NBA fan to name the best guards in the league, it would probably take a while before they mentioned Kyle Lowry. Despite that reality, though, the Raptors veteran has made a nice chunk of change playing professional basketball.

According to Spotrac’s contract data, Lowry has made just over $160 million during his time in the NBA. Unsurprisingly most of that has come with the Raptors. The point guard earned $3.2 million during his brief spell in Memphis and $12.4 in Houston; he’s taken home $144 million during his stint with the Raptors and will add another $30 million to that total next season.

That salary, combined with his endorsement deals, has helped Lowry build up an impressive $55 million net worth. He might not be the biggest star in the league, but he certainly has a sizable bank account.

Kyle Lowry used his fortune to give back to Villanova


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Kyle Lowry may have left Villanova more than a decade ago, but he hasn’t forgotten the time he spent on campus. In fact, the guard used $1 million of his fortune to help his alma mater.

In 2018, Lowry donated $1 million to the school; at the time, Villanova was renovating the Pavilion, the campus’ major arena. According to a statement released Villanova’s Media Room, the sum was “the largest single gift from a Villanova Basketball alumnus,” and, in commemoration, the Wildcats now suit up in the “Kyle Lowry Men’s Basketball Locker Room.” 

As a Philadelphia-native and Villanova alumni, the donation was personal for Lowry; even as an NBA pro, he returns to campus to work out during the offseason.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about family,” Lowry said at the time, according to an AP report that’s still live on USA Today. “I’m able to give back to this great university that helped me get to where I am: 31 years old, three-time All-Star, wife, and kids, married. I know it’s crazy, right?”

Stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference