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Lou Williams once turned a potentially life-threatening incident into a free McDonald’s meal for a gunman. But the Los Angeles Clippers guard may not be able to get out of his latest sticky situation thanks to one Magic City stripper. Apparently, the NBA veteran got a little more than wings on his recent trip to the Atlanta-based strip club.

Lou Williams caught flak for a trip to Magic City

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world as we know it. As a result, sports have been greatly affected. The NBA had to put its season on pause earlier in the spring. NFL fans watched the 2020 draft get conducted virtually. Baseball delayed its season for months in order to figure out a way to handle COVID-19 concerns.

Lou Williams and his fellow NBA players made their way to Orlando to resume the season in the bubble. The league certainly deserves credit for implementing policies to keep players, coaches, and other personnel safe during this unprecedented time.

Williams did leave the bubble to attend a memorial service for his grandfather. What started out as a non-story developed into a major controversy after photos emerged of the Clippers guard inside Magic City. Immediately, questions arose about why Williams would be in such an establishment, especially with the NBA season set to resume.

Williams claimed he simply stopped by for some of Magic City’s legendary wings. In fact, the 33-year-old even has a flavor named in his honor on the menu. So while speculation still circled about the veracity of Lou Williams’ story, the world seemed to accept his version that he just had to get his hands on some wings.

Williams just got exposed by a Magic City stripper

While Lou Williams may indeed have stopped by for a round of Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ wings, he apparently indulged in more than drums and flats. Jenny Jarvie of the Los Angeles Times spoke to a dancer named Aries who works at Magic City, and the 25-year-old exposed the truth about Williams’ well-publicized trip.

Williams placed an order with the Magic City kitchen before making his way around the club. It turns out that he got more than wings during his visit to the popular Atlanta strip club.

Aries, who worked the day shift from 3 to 9 p.m., said she and a few other women performed for the Clippers guard. Of course, they made sure to maintain a six-foot distance.

“He tipped very well,” she said.

The Clippers need their veteran guard to focus on basketball

Ultimately, we will have to see how Lou Williams responds to the allegations made by Aries. But if her version proves correct, it certainly exposed Williams’ story as fatally flawed.

For the Clippers, the distraction of Magic City, wings, and strippers represents a roadblock in their path to an NBA title. If LA wants to live up to its championship potential, it needs Williams to put his much-publicized trip to Atlanta in the past and focus on basketball.

Based on his recent trip outside the bubble, Williams has to serve a 10-day quarantine. That forced him to miss the Clippers’ first game back against the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite a game-high 30 points from Paul George, the Clippers lost by two points to a highly motivated LeBron James.

Moving forward, the Clippers need Williams to get back on the court and provide a scoring spark off the bench. The three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year averaged 18.7 points per game before the season got put on pause. LA absolutely needs his offensive firepower in order to compete in a stacked Western Conference.

At the end of the day, Lou Williams may have gotten exposed by a Magic City stripper, but his absence also exposed just how much the Clippers need the veteran scorer in the lineup. LA fans better pray that he doesn’t catch another craving for wings before the season ends.


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