Justin Thomas Broke a Candle Playing Home Run Derby in His First Visit to Tiger Woods’ House

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Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas walk a course together

Justin Thomas might be great friends with Tiger Woods today, but his first impression at the GOAT’s house didn’t go so smoothly.

Thomas joined Woods for dinner at his home in Jupiter, Florida. After dinner and some TV, Woods and his son, Charlie, moved to the living room to play their favorite game, home run derby. Yes, inside the house. Thomas was skeptical at first. When it was his turn to bat, he hit a foul ball that caused some serious damage to the Woods household.

Justin Thomas and Tiger Woods are close friends on and off the course

When Thomas started to make a name for himself on the PGA Tour, Woods immediately took a liking to the young star. Woods saw greatness in Thomas from the beginning, and the two began to form a friendship on and off the course.

The friends routinely played practice rounds together and hung out away from the grind of the Tour. They’ve also become quite a team when they pair up in competition.

At the 2019 Presidents Cup, Woods and Thomas went 2-0 as a duo, and their chemistry was the main reason. Woods and Thomas might be best buddies now, but Thomas almost ruined the friendship with a rough first impression at Woods’ home.

Thomas broke a living room candle after dinner at Woods’ home

Woods had Thomas over for dinner and some fun, but he might’ve regretted the invitation after the night was over.

Once dinner concluded, Woods’ son, Charlie, wanted to play home run derby in the living room. Woods was second to bat, and Thomas followed on deck. His at-bat didn’t go exactly as planned, though.

[Woods] is pretty much just peppering them. I mean, he’s hitting them as hard as he can, bouncing off the walls. And then of course I go, and I hit one a little bit off the end of the bat, I hit a candle, and break a candle in the living room. So, yep, that was my first experience of home run derby in Tiger Woods’ living room.

Justin Thomas

Home run derby is evidently a regular event at the Woods household, so Thomas wasn’t the first to break something in the living room.

“They were fine with it, though,” explained Justin Thomas. “They were like, ‘It’s fine. It happens all the time.’ I’m like, ‘I still don’t feel good about it, but I’m glad it happens often.’ As long as it didn’t hit any of his major trophies, it’s fine.”