Tiger Woods Loved It When a Famous Musician Threw a Fiery F-Bomb in His Face After Losing a $20 Bet: ‘Hey, That’s a Good One. Good Job, Bro’

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Never owe money to Tiger Woods. Just ask Kenny G.

Tiger Woods is no stranger to gambling on the golf course. The PGA Tour legend has never been scared to bet large amounts of his hard-earned cash on a practice round or a single putt.

The stories of Woods gambling on the golf course are plentiful, but we might’ve just heard the best one of all courtesy of Grammy Award-winning saxophonist, Kenny G.

Tiger Woods once won $20 off Kenny G in a putting contest

Earlier this week, Kenny G made an appearance on Barstool Sports’ Fore Play podcast and spoke about his experiences playing alongside Woods in pro-am tournaments. During the interview, the famous jazz musician told a hilarious story about losing money to Tiger on the golf course.

As Kenny tells it, he lost to Woods on the last hole of a putting contest during a running of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. He owed Woods $20 after losing in the competition, but the golf legend wasn’t interested in taking his money just yet.

“I said, ‘Great, that was fun. Here’s your 20, Tiger,’” Kenny G said on the podcast. “He goes, ‘No, no, no. Don’t worry about it. You can pay me some other time.’ I said, ‘Wow, Tiger, awesome.'”

But that was Kenny’s first mistake.

Butch Harmon told Kenny G he can never owe Tiger Woods money

Kenny G was so thrilled that he didn’t have to pay Woods his $20 that he needed to find someone to tell. Funny enough, the first person he saw was Woods’ coach at the time, Butch Harmon. But the encounter didn’t exactly go how Kenny thought it would.

“So I walk around and then I see Butch Harmon,” he explained on the podcast. “I said, ‘Butch, I just had this putting contest with Tiger, and I only lost 20 bucks.’ And he goes, ‘He wants you to owe it to him, doesn’t he?’ I go, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘He wants to hold that against you.’

“Here’s what you do — this is Butch telling me. Next time you see Tiger, take the 20, put it into his pocket, look him in the eye and go, ‘F*** you.’ I said, ‘I can’t do that to Tiger Woods!’ He goes, ‘You got to do it.’ I said, ‘OK, I will.’

“So I play my round of golf and I’m paired with Phil [Mickelson], and I made so many putts that day. I made putts that were on ESPN. So the next day Tiger walks by, and he goes, ‘Hey, saw your putting lesson really worked. I saw your putts on TV. And I go, ‘Hey, thanks,’ and he’s walking away and there’s Butch because Butch was his coach. And Butch is looking at me like, ‘Go get him, go get him.’ And I go, ‘Oh s***.’ 

But did he go through with it?

Earning Tiger’s respect with a fiery F-bomb

Kenny G didn’t want to be in debt to Woods, so he had no choice but to listen to Harmon’s advice. He might’ve been shaking throughout the entire encounter, but he still said what not many people on this earth would ever say to Tiger Woods.

“So I’m nervous, but I walk up behind Tiger, stuffed the money into his back pocket, and he looks around at me and I go, ‘Hey, f*** you.’ And he looks at me and goes, ‘Hey, that’s a good one. Good job, bro.’

“That’s how great Tiger is.”

The way to earn Tiger’s respect? F-bombs directly to his face, apparently.

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