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Patrick Mahomes can sling the football as well as anyone who’s ever played in the NFL, but have you ever wondered how far he could throw one?

Mahomes makes jaw-dropping throws every week for the Kansas City Chiefs. He can complete a 50-yard pass throwing across his body while running full speed toward the sideline, and no one bats an eye. He makes the extraordinary look… well… ordinary.

In a recent interview, Mahomes finally revealed how far he can throw a football if he gave it everything he has, and his answer will shock you.

Mahomes threw an 80-yard pass at Texas Tech’s Pro Day

The legend of Mahomes’ rocket arm began in Lubbock, Tx. He threw for over 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns as a junior at Texas Tech in 2016, but what he did at his Pro Day made NFL scouts salivate.

During his passing exhibition before the 2016 NFL draft, Mahomes unleashed a bomb that traveled nearly 80 yards in the air and floated softly into his wide receiver’s arms. The crazy part was that Mahomes barely broke a sweat while uncorking the impressive deep ball.

NFL scouts knew then that Mahomes had a special arm. If it wasn’t for his reckless play at times and high interception numbers, Mahomes would’ve been the first pick in the draft on arm talent alone. Well, after what we know now, he should’ve been the first pick anyway.

Mahomes reveals he can throw a football 83 yards in the air

Mahomes recently appeared on KCSP 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City and was asked how far he could throw a football if he really let one loose. He already showed he can chuck one 80 yards, but Mahomes believes he can reach back even further.

“I’ve never seen Josh [Allen] throw a football but I know how far I can throw it. I think I can get it anywhere from 80 to 83 yards,” Mahomes said.

83 yards! According to Mahomes, he could chuck a football from his own 17-yard-line and hit Tyreek Hill in the opposite end zone in stride. Finger’s crossed he shows off that rocket arm with a long Hail Mary soon so we can see for ourselves.

What is Mahomes’ longest throw in an NFL game?

Mahomes might believe he can go over 80 yards in the air with a full heave, but he hasn’t reached that distance in an NFL game… yet.

In 2018, Mahomes threw a bomb to Hill that soared 68.6 yards in the air, which was the longest throw in terms of air yards during the entire season. It was even further than any throw in 2017, too.

Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and Vinny Testaverde are all regarded as QBs with the strongest arms in NFL history, but it only took Mahomes a few seasons to establish himself at the top of the list. And who knows? With the work ethic he possesses and the high-end weight training now available to professional athletes, 100 yards in the air isn’t out of the question for the Super Bowl MVP.


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