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Forget Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. Serena Williams deserves to be in the conversation for the greatest athlete ever. Aside from her 85% career winning percentage and 23 singles Grand Slam titles, Williams brought unprecedented popularity to women’s tennis.

Williams has earned $94 million in prize money throughout her incredible tennis career. Her various endorsements and investments have made her net worth explode. Williams’ net worth is now even higher than the combined net worth of two of the superstar quarterbacks in the NFL today: Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.

Serena Williams’ iconic tennis career

When you think of the top athletes who dominated their respective sports for nearly their entire careers, Serena Williams should be one of the first names that come to mind. Williams won 23 singles Grand Slam titles spanning from 1999 to 2017.

Those 23 titles are more than any other tennis player in the Open era, including Roger Federer (20), Rafael Nadal (22), and Novak Djokovic (22).

Williams won her first Grand Slam at the U.S. Open in 1999. She was only 17 years old at the time. Williams later went on a dominant stretch in which she won five Grand Slams in two years from 2002-03. But maybe her most impressive accomplishment came from her recent Grand Slam victory. In 2017, Williams won the Australian Open while she was two months pregnant with her first child.

Serena Williams’ net worth

Not only is Serena Williams the greatest women’s tennis player of all time, but she’s also the richest. And it’s not even very close, either.

According to Statista, the retired tennis player earned an absurd $94.52 million in prize money throughout her career. That’s more than twice as much as any other female athlete.

Aside from her on-court earnings, Williams is also the most marketable female athlete in the world. She’s earned tens of millions of dollars annually through her endorsement deals with Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, Beats by Dre, and countless other companies. She’s also a savvy investor, as her Serena Ventures portfolio is worth over $10 million today.


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Williams’ net worth now stands at $290 million, according to Forbes, and that number will only rise.

Serena Williams has a higher net worth than Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers combined

If you still don’t comprehend Serena Williams’ massive reach in the sports world, look no further than this stat: Williams’ $290 million net worth is higher than the combined net worth of Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, two likely Hall of Famers and two of the most popular athletes today.

Mahomes, who has only been a starter in the NFL for three seasons, has a net worth of $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That figure is set to balloon as Mahomes continues raking in his $503 million contract.

Aaron Rodgers has a more impressive net worth of $200 million, but it still pales compared to Williams’. Mahomes and Rodgers could combine their net worths and still be $20 million short of the tennis icon.

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