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From afar, it’s easy to assume that Shaquille O’Neal has lived a relatively successful life. The center won four NBA titles and is rightfully considered a living basketball legend. He’s also found plenty of commercial success and built up an estimated $400 million fortune.

Despite that reality, the big man does have his fair share of regrets. One of those arose early in his professional career when he left the Orlando Magic for Hollywood.

While even Shaq lacks the money to travel back in time, he could have a potential way to assuage at least some of that regret. O’Neal, it seems, is at open to the possibility of owning the Magic.

Shaquille O’Neal floats the idea of owning the Orlando Magic

During his time in the spotlight, Shaq has never been shy about speaking his mind. On a recent episode of his podcast, that meant floating the idea of NBA ownership.

“We still run that franchise,” O’Neal said of the Orlando Magic. “And if they want to sell it to us, DeVos family, we ready to go right now.”

In this case, the “we” refers to Shaq and Dennis Scott. While the latter man might not have the same resume as The Diesel, he did spend 12 years in the Association, with seven of those coming in Orlando.

Scott then told O’Neal that one of his billionaire friends should put up the money to let them buy the team. The big man, however, suggested that the cash flow wouldn’t be an issue.

“Dennis, we got the money, you ain’t got to worry bout the money,” Shaq continued. “But this message go out to the DeVos family: If you’re ready to sell the Orlando Magic, sell it to somebody that’s gon’ take it to the next level. That’s us.”

While there are some logistical hurdles, Shaq does have an emotional tie to the Magic


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With all due respect to O’Neal, buying the Orlando Magic is probably easier said than done on a few fronts.

First, Forbes lists the franchise’s value at somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.64 billion. The big man may be wealthy, but that’s probably a bit beyond his price range. While a consortium could address that reality, it would take time and probably mean someone other than Shaq is ultimately calling the shots.

Secondly, O’Neal previously owned a piece of the Sacramento Kings but had to divest in the NBA club after signing on with a gambling company. While that could work in reverse, with the center ending his relationship with WynnBET, it’s another logistical hurdle that would have to be cleared.

Lastly, the DeVos family would have to be willing to sell. While money can talk, it would certainly be a choice to move on after adding the first-overall pick to the team’s young core.

With that being said, though, Shaq does have a potential motivation to return to Florida. As basketball fans will remember, the center started his career with the Magic before leaving town in painful circumstances. While he found plenty of success elsewhere, the big man has since said that he regretted leaving the promising young squad (h/t Sporting News).

As the cliche says, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Could making up for that regret and returning to Orlando, albeit as an owner, give Shaq the push to get a deal over the line. It certainly won’t be easy, but stranger things have happened in sports.

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