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When it comes to the Super Bowl, people always have an opinion on the outcome of the game. Sportscasting contacted several celebrities, including legends Jack Nicklaus and Mario Andretti, to get their thoughts on Sunday’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some of the stars even offered a little bit of advice. “Tampa Bay’s gotta cover (Travis) Kelce,” said Andretti. Andretti and several other stars took part in our list of celebrity Super Bowl predictions.

Mario Andretti picks the Bucs to outlast the Chiefs

Mario Andretti believes Tom Brady still has something to prove. Although Brady has won six Super Bowl titles, Andretti, perhaps the best ever in the world of motorsports, thinks Brady wants to show he can win with a new team and without Bill Belichick. “I’m picking the Bucs 31-28,” Andretti told Sportscasting, “and I only say that because I think Brady has something to prove. I think it will be a high-scoring game. I really love Mahomes but I really feel that (Brady) has something to prove.”

MARK CUBAN (Dallas Mavericks owner): “Chiefs in a shootout.” CHIEFS 42, BUCCANEERS 38.

FRED LYNN (former MLB MVP): “Think it’s going to be a score fest with KC coming on top. Too much speed on the Chiefs squad. Things must be returning to normal as Brady is in the Super Bowl!” CHIEFS 38, BUCCANEERS 31. 

BRAD WILLIAM HENKE (actor, Orange is the New Black): “I hope Tampa and Tom Brady win, so he can prove he can do it without Belichick. But Kansas City has too much speed on offense and with Tampa blitzing so much – Kansas City will probably make them pay. If Tampa can create pressure just rushing four down linemen – I think they can win, but If I had to bet my house I would bet Kansas City.” CHIEFS 35, BUCCANEERS 24. (NOTE: Henke played in Super Bowl 24 as a member of the Denver Broncos).

PETER MCNEELEY (former boxer): “Brady and Gronk own ’em.” BUCCANEERS 36, CHIEFS 24.

Jack Nicklaus remains loyal to the AFC despite respect for Tom Brady

Jack Nicklaus has always considered himself an AFC guy. So has Tom Brady – until this year. Brady bolted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and threw 40 touchdown passes and had 4,633 yards through the air. Despite Nicklaus’ respect for Brady, he’s sticking with the AFC. “I’m an AFC guy – always have been – so I am going with the Chiefs 34-31, even though I have enormous respect for Tom Brady and would love to see him win it again,” Nicklaus said. “You might say I have mixed emotions on this one.”

CURT SCHILLING (former MLB All-Star pitcher): “I had a preseason prop bet that had TB vs. Buffalo. Brady is a guy who can will things to happen. The better the surrounding talent, the more he can will. This is absolutely fate in the making. Born and raised a Steeler fan, but I’m smiling at the world full of Brady haters who no longer have a single debate point against him as the greatest QB ever. On a side note, I met him in 2001 and he’s absolutely the genuine guy Brady fans want to believe. Every bit the good man David Ortiz is.” BUCCANEERS 45, CHIEFS 34.

NIK WALLENDA (daredevil): “Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 28 because Tom Brady is…well, he’s Tom Brady, GOAT.” BUCCANEERS 31, CHIEFS 28.

DAN JANSEN (1994 Olympic speed-skating gold medalist): “This one hurts cuz my Packers should be there. Mahomes is the reason. He is just too difficult to stop.” CHIEFS 35, BUCCANEERS 21.

GENA LEE NOLIN (actress/model): “This will be an exciting game featuring two of the best quarterbacks in the game of football. The Kansas City Chiefs having the younger, fierce, Patrick Mahomes against the obvious GOAT in the house, Tom Brady. He’s highly attracted to clutch situations, which could ultimately cost the Chiefs a win. However, Mahomes could come out guns blazing, in the zone with his teammates ready for a win. Either way, it’s going to be a close and exciting game. I’m going with the Buccaneers.” BUCCANEERS 31, CHIEFS 27.

Dick Vitale is going with the GOAT

Dick Vitale is never short on enthusiasm. The legendary college basketball analyst is also very enthused about Tom Brady going for his seventh Super Bowl ring. “Bucs win 34-31,” Vitale said. “Tom Brady is the GOAT – and he will lead the Bucs to the championship.  The defense will rise and they will add the Chiefs to Saints and Packers on the road to winning the Super Bowl.”

JERRY MATHERS (actor, Leave it to Beaver): “It’s a battle of old era versus new era: Tom Brady against Patrick Mahomes. I’m predicting that the Chiefs will outlast the Buccaneers. Looking forward to a great game!” CHIEFS 35, BUCCANEERS 28.

ALEKS PAUNOVIC (actor, Snowpiercer/Van Helsing): “I’m not a massive Brady fan, but you can’t ignore a dude that has had such an iconic career in New England then goes to the Bucs and takes them to the Bowl… in one year! GOAT.” BUCCANEERS 35, CHIEFS 31.

DARCI LYNNE FARMER (ventriloquist/singer): “Kansas City is awesome and so fun to watch but Tom Brady is on such an epic roll.  I’m pulling for the Bucs just to see how many the GOAT can win.  And, of course, Petunia is still waiting for the call to do the halftime show.” BUCCANEERS 37, CHIEFS 31.

JOHN LEHR (actor/comedian): “I am still recovering from my disappointment at a failed rematch of Super Bowl 1 between my Chiefs and the Packers. I don’t know exactly what that field goal was all about (and Rodgers’ tossing his coach under the bus after the game) but it robbed me of revenging the Chiefs’ loss to the Pack 55 years ago (and yes I still hold a grudge). That said, I predict the Chiefs over the Bucs by 117. No one on this planet deserves to be as happy, wealthy, handsome, super-model-marrying and successful as Tom the GOAT.” CHIEFS 124, BUCCANEERS 7.

All statistics courtesy of Pro Football Reference.


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