Michael Bunting #58 of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Antoine Russel #26 of the Arizona Coyotes fighting during a game in Glendale, Arizona
NHL fight – Michael Bunting (left) and Antoine Roussel (right) | Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL (National Hockey League), for better and worse, is famous for its fights on the rink. While arguments between players occasionally happen in other sports such as basketball and football, they’re a regular and often infamous occurrence during hockey matches, with plenty of punch ups, blood, and broken bones to show for it in the most extreme cases.

So, for historical highlights of the past, updates on the latest fights of the season, and info on each and every riot that erupts in the rink, find all of the news you need on bloody brawls seen in the NHL here!

Famous NHL Fights:

  • Bob Probert (Detroit Red Wings) vs. Kevin Maguire (Buffalo Sabres) in 1987
  • Bob Probert (Detroit Red Wings) vs. Marty McSorley (Pittsburgh Penguins) in 1994
  • Donald Brashear (Philadelphia Flyers) vs. Rob Ray (Ottawa Senators) in 2004
  • Donald Brashear (Washington Capitals) vs. Georges Laraque (Pittsburgh Penguins) in 2007
  • Riley Cote (Philadelphia Flyers) vs. Shawn Thornton (Boston Bruins) in 2008

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